Another Victory As 2017 Closes As Trump Aids In Captured Americans Returning Home

In President Trump’s previous life, the one of a savvy and successful businessman, he moved mountains by being brash, confrontational, and wouldn’t accept “no” for an answer.

This style of leadership has universal qualities in getting things accomplished which we need a lot of in the United States, especially after the less than helpful previous president.

One of the areas of interest that President Trump has directed his energy towards has been that of releasing American citizens that have been taken captive by foreign governments.

Fox News reported:

Immediately after President Trump took office, he told Secretary [of State Rex] Tillerson to prioritize bringing home Americans who’ve been wrongfully detained or held hostage in foreign countries,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert told Fox News in an email.”

 During Trump’s first year in the Oval Office, he and his administration have successfully brought 10 wrongfully detained, or outlandishly sentenced, people home through diplomatic efforts.

The liberals like to twist the truth, claiming Trump has not accomplished anything, or how he isn’t good for American efforts.

Reuniting loved ones sounds like a pretty successful feat, the same loved ones that Obama couldn’t seem to get here with his “diplomatic efforts.”

While Obama was running foreign diplomacy, it took him 8 years to finish what Trump did in 1.

Ned Price, spokesman for Obama, speaks on the detainees released during Obama’s terms.

Deadline reported:

Their tireless efforts resulted in the release of at least 10 Americans from North Korean custody during the course of the Obama administration.”

The efforts were so tired because of the Obama administration’s energy being spent elsewhere, like trying to do away with the sanctity of marriage or making sure citizens can kill their babies.

There are still many United States citizens, many of whom the Trump administration hasn’t named yet, whose release is being aggressively pursued.

For now, let’s take proper note of the publicized Americans that were brought home in 2017.

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