Another Victory As 2017 Closes As Trump Aids In Captured Americans Returning Home

UCLA Basketball Players

Most recently, the media has been buzzing about the UCLA basketball players that were released from a Chinese prison over stealing a pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses outside of their hotel.

The young students were in China for a game against Georgia Tech. Trump met with Chinese President Xi Jinping personally to negotiate the release of the young men who made incredibly poor choices.

A Twitter war has sparked between Trump and LaVar Ball, father of one of the boys who the Trump administration had released.

Ball thinks that he doesn’t owe Trump a thank you, and said he had some people that “knew the situation.”

Well, so did everyone else who reads the media. Ball then tried to say it was the Chinese president who released his son whom he should be thanking.

The fact of the matter is, President Jinping would have let the UCLA basketball players rot in jail without thinking twice before Trump came along.

This is a prime problem with the emotionally charged left, who will dismiss a grand gesture of grace, just to stand the illogical ground of not showing support for anything moral.

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It has been a busy year in politics with the tax cuts, healthcare initiatives, bringing our citizens home, and much more.

The potential torture and injustice that has been saved by even a single prisoner escaping lack of due process is a year well done.

Please let us know in the comments section how you think the 2017 year has been for the Trump administration.