Another Victory As 2017 Closes As Trump Aids In Captured Americans Returning Home

Caitlan Coleman and Joshua Boyle

Fox News reported:

Coleman and her Canadian husband, Boyle, were kidnapped in October 2012 by the Taliban-affiliated Haqqani network while on a backpacking trip that took them into Afghanistan. Held by the terror group for five years, the couple had three children while in captivity before being rescued as their captors attempted to move them across the border to Pakistan.”

 Under President Trump, Secretary Tillerson, Defense Secretary Mattis, diplomats, and military personnel told Pakistani officials that if they didn’t stop the car that was suspected of carrying the kidnapped family, they would move in to carry out the operation themselves.

The car was stopped by the Pakistani enforcement, and Coleman, Boyle, and their surviving children, who had suffered psychological traumas and abuse, were found in the trunk.

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