California Offers Tax-Payer Funded Universal Income To “Transgender” Residents 

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If you live in Palm Springs, California and “identify” as “transgender” – you could get paid for it.

That’s right, politicians in California thought it was a great idea to use tax-payer dollars to help launch a pilot program to reach the “marginalized” LGBT individuals in California.

And once you hear the details of this new program – you’re bound to be horrified.

Everything about this plan just reeks of foolishness. 

First off – it’s absolutely INSANE to offer people a financial incentive simply because they “identify” as “transgender.”

Instead of actually acknowledging those struggling with gender dysphoria need help – true mental counseling with a licensed therapist – California politicians want to pay them – which will only further their mental illness.

And next – the sheer economic implications of guaranteed universal basic income (UBI) are not sustainable. 

The program claims those eligible for UBI will receive up to $900 per month.

Palm Springs City Council voted to set aside $200,000 for the pilot program. 

Fox News reported:

“Twenty transgender and nonbinary Palm Springs residents will receive the free money funded by the taxpayers for 18 months, with advocacy-based health center DAP Health and LGBT advocacy group Queer Works managing the program.

A six-month design period will be the precursor of the program’s implementation, in which the group Mayors for a Guaranteed Income will be involved providing guidance.”

Can you imagine being a taxpayer in this city – knowing that all your hard-earned dollars are going to fund a program like this?

But this is the reality we live in.

LGBT activists are utterly obsessed with pushing their agenda into every sphere of the public square.

Schools used to be a safe place for children – but now they are overrun with activist teachers willing to sacrifice the safety of children to push a deranged agenda.

States are having to go so far as to pass legislation to stop doctors from “transitioning” underage children! 

It’s absolute madness.

But of course, all of this is being encouraged by Joe Biden – who has long come out in his support for “transgender kids” – vowing to use his position of power (and money) to help push this radical agenda.

And while some states have continued to push back against Biden’s LGBT policies, others are ravishing in their ability to authorize pro-LGBT programs like the one in Palm Springs. 

Not surprising, LGBT activists weren’t even happy with the $200,000 in free money – they demanded more claiming the program wouldn’t work unless they received over $1 million.

The Desert Sun reported:

“However, Queer Works CEO Jacob Rostovsky said that the City of Palm Springs would likely need to agree to match the funds provided by the state for the state to agree to fund the program. 

“Our project’s budget is estimated at about $1.8 million,” he said. “And so when we look at what other [programs] that have been successfully funded have done, their local cities have provided nearly a match to that funding.”

Leave it to the LGBT crew to always have their hands out demanding more from everyone else – as if the world has to cater to their gender identity crisis.

One thing is certain – the entitlement philosophy hasn’t worked in the past – and it won’t work now – I guess some people just have to continue to learn the hard way.

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