This Man With Down Syndrome Just Shattered All Stereotypes

This Man With Down Syndrome Just Shattered All Stereotypes

When a woman learns she is carrying a baby with Down syndrome – doctors often tell them to prepare for the worst. Instead of giving them hope – doctors essentially tell moms “not to expect much” – and place doubt that their child will ever amount to anything. But one […]

Discover The Magical Amount Of Exercise To Make Up For Sitting All Day

Discover The Magical Amount Of Exercise To Make Up For Sitting All Day

Sitting around all day is not just for the lazy- it is sometimes unavoidable. We know an active lifestyle wards off diseases, hypertension, obesity, and many more conditions, but what do you do when you have a desk job? Thankfully, we are not condemned to a life of misery! Research […]

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If You No Longer Do The Things You Love Then You May Be Suffering From This Condition

  Staring at the wall you reminisce about how a month ago you would have spent this quiet moment getting your workout out or finishing your scrapbook. While you know the fact that you chose to spend the time staring at a wall instead should be sad you fail to […]

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Beloved Daughter Dies From A Disease Only Thought To Strike The Elderly

  As a society there are certain negative medical stereotypes that we have unknowingly held on to. Only dirty children get lice, only young people get chicken pox, and only older individuals get Alzheimer’s Disease are such stereotypes. Some norms are meant to be challenged, but in the case of […]

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Man With Down Syndrome Accomplishes Incredible Feat

Photo by Marco Verch on Flickr  Many of us look at athletes with awe and wonder as they break through world records and rip through finishing lines with pride. Building up the endurance, strength, and sheer will power to become fit enough to complete a professional competition takes more time, […]

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Here’s Another Frightening Reason Parents Should Look for Alternatives to Antibiotics

  Antibiotics have been hailed as one of the greatest medical achievements in history. While they are certainly valuable in treating infection, they have sadly been overprescribed or dubbed “miracle drugs,” leading parents to think there is no downside to giving their child these medications. But now, yet another drawback […]

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Natural Methods To Get Your Little Ones To Poo – Because Out Is Better Than In

    Parents are no stranger to childhood constipation; experimenting with the various concoctions that will give our troubled babes some relief. While there are some pharmaceutical remedies available through your pediatrician, sometimes nature is our best medicine. We have some natural remedies for helping your children be more regular […]

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It’s A Miracle! Twins Born At 22 Weeks Celebrate Their Second Birthday

  The World’s Most premature twins were born at just 22 weeks, and their chances of survival didn’t look good. After spending nearly 150 days in the NICU – the little girl twins survived – and by God’s grace just celebrated their second birthday! What seemed like impossible odds shocked […]

Harvard Researchers Reveal The Best Food For A Longer Life

Harvard Researchers Reveal The Best Food For A Longer Life

  Humans can be creatures of habit…and convenience. Making your favorite recipes from childhood, or grabbing fast food after a stressful day is what many of us do without putting too much thought into it. But these seemingly innocuous traditions can be killing us, and we can show you how […]

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Nutritionists Reveal The Absolute Best Low-Carb Snacks For Your Health Journey

  Carbohydrates have a very intimate attachment with many people. Remembering the smell of pie cooking as a child, eating hot pizza after a long day of work, or sneaking a nice piece of chocolate in the bathroom as the kids scream at the door all help to release those […]