It’s A Miracle! Twins Born At 22 Weeks Celebrate Their Second Birthday

Photo by Juliane Liebermann on Unsplash


The World’s Most premature twins were born at just 22 weeks, and their chances of survival didn’t look good.

After spending nearly 150 days in the NICU – the little girl twins survived – and by God’s grace just celebrated their second birthday!

What seemed like impossible odds shocked the world – and now their mom is seeking to tell the world about God’s miracle.

As it turns out, the little girl’s mama discovered her twins had Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome – which means one twin receives too little nutrients and the other receives too much.

With this diagnosis, doctors typically recommend the mother abort one of her babies to save the other.

However, Jade, the mother of the twin girls, decided to jump right in and take the surgical option – just a week after receiving her diagnosis.

After all, it is a mother’s instinct to do everything possible to protect her own babies.

She went to Facebook seeking prayers and praying for a miracle – and God answered her prayer.

In fact, her steadfastness and faith paid off – as both of her twins were born and survived!

Had she listened to the typical doctor recommendation, who knows if either baby would have survived.

Sure, there were complications from the birth.

Sadly, many babies born so prematurely don’t survive, but these little girls were fighters.

Jade further gave God all the glory, and shared with the world the miracle He did in the life of her precious family.

Live Action reported:

“The day the twins were born I was afraid but also was so proud of how well they were doing just in the first few hours of their life,” wrote Jade. “I knew that I was always going to carry that pride with me no matter what happened. I have never wanted this particular journey for the twins but looking back I’m humbled to have been chosen by God to see these miracles unfold and so many prayers answered. Prayers have gone unanswered so many times and answered later when I least expected it and in ways I couldn’t have seen coming. I fully believe the twins’ story needs to be heard and has helped many.”

Wow, talk about a class act.

Instead of complaining about the medical issues her girls have, she celebrates their life and actually feels honored to be able to be part of God’s plan.

So many women receive a grim diagnosis during their pregnancy, and are led to believe abortion is their only option.

Even though time and time again, babies who are born early or with special needs defy the odds and are surviving and thriving!

Here’s hoping other moms who are currently struggling with a difficult pregnancy or know someone who is will be inspired by the miracle of these two twin girls.

And hopefully the day will come when doctors will remember the success stories of all the babies who survived difficult odds and not be so quick to offer moms an abortion as the only viable option.

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