Moms – Don’t Let Doctors Or Hospitals Violate Your Pregnancy And Delivery Rights

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Being pregnant is one of the most exciting times of a woman’s life – but it can also be scary – especially if you don’t know your rights.

Many doctors will try and insist you have to get a wide variety of testing and drugs, but the truth is – you don’t!

And with COVID-19 paranoia sweeping through the country – it seems every hospital has a different policy on what’s “allowed” leaving moms more confused than ever.

The truth is, many women don’t know their rights, and hospitals, whether willful or not, are taking advantage of this.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you go about your pregnancy.


You Have A Right To Refuse Abortion

Upon testing, many doctors will scare women into thinking they must abort their babies.

Doctors insist the baby won’t survive, and even if it does, it will die shortly.

But time and time again, doctors have been proven wrong, as many premature babies or those with special needs go on to live long vibrant lives!

Never let a doctor convince you abortion is the only option – and if your doctor insists – it’s time to find a new one.


You Have A Right To Decline Testing

Typically, doctors insist you have to get a whole slew of genetic testing (often to abort a baby) if abnormal chromosomes are found.

But the truth is – you and your husband get to decide what testing you decide to do, if any.

The same goes with getting certain vaccines during pregnancy – just because something is “recommended” – it doesn’t mean you have to do it. Do your research.

Make sure you speak up for yourself and advocate for you and your baby!


Support During Childbirth

Because of COVID-19, many hospitals tried to limit the number of people allowed in the delivery room – some even going so far as to prohibit a woman from having anyone with her.

But you have a right to have a person of support with you!

Make sure you find out ahead of time if your hospital will allow your husband and or doula to be present with you.

When you’re in a lot of pain – you need that person advocating for you and insisting doctor’s follow your birth plan – like refusing an epidural.


The Right To Hold Your Baby

It should go without saying, you have the right to hold your own baby!

But some women have spoken up on the discrimination they’ve experienced in hospitals with their baby being stripped away from them directly after giving birth.

Much of this lately is due to fears of COVID-19.

But regardless if a mother has COVID-19 or not – she should not be separated from her baby!

NIH reported:

“The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)2 advises that facilities “consider temporarily separating the mother from her infant” until the mother is no longer considered contagious. During separation, the CDC recommends that women express breast milk, to be fed to the newborn by a healthy caregiver. If rooming in is preferred by the mother or unavoidable due to facility limitations, steps to reduce risk are described. The CDC further suggests that “the risks and benefits of temporary separation should be discussed by the healthcare team,” but does not elaborate.”


Every doctor (and mother) knows skin to skin contact upon birth is crucial to mother/baby bonding.

Don’t let a doctor keep your baby from you!

These days, many hospitals are testing new policies all in the name of “stopping COVID-19”.

But regardless if you give birth in a pandemic or not – you still have rights as a mom.

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