This Man With Down Syndrome Just Shattered All Stereotypes

When a woman learns she is carrying a baby with Down syndrome – doctors often tell them to prepare for the worst.

Instead of giving them hope – doctors essentially tell moms “not to expect much” – and place doubt that their child will ever amount to anything.

But one woman who gave birth to a child with Down syndrome shows yet again just how wrong doctors are – and you won’t believe where her son is today.

Jake Pratt is a young man with Down syndrome who is doing amazing things.

Yet when he was born, doctors told his family he wouldn’t even be able to graduate high-school.

But Jake not only graduated high-school – he actually went on to college and graduated from Clemson University’s LIFE program – and now holds not one, but two jobs!

Jake works at a golf course where he performs maintenance 7 days a week – and as a driver for UPS – and he absolutely loves his two jobs!

All he needed was someone to have faith in him, and praise God he grew up in a loving family who always believed he could accomplish anything.

Jake’s sister shared how negative the doctors were upon learning Jake had Down syndrome – even wanting him locked away!

Thankfully, her family ignored the doctors and treated Jake just like everybody else.

Live Action reported:

“[The doctor] said that his impairment would keep him from living any sort of normal life and he might even need to be institutionalized,” she explained. “My family has always embraced the philosophy that Jake is no different from you or I and that there are no limits on what he can accomplish.” …

“He wanted to be on the high school football team when some people thought that was impossible, but he did it,” she said. “He wanted to score a touchdown in a game, and he did. He wanted to go to college, and he did. He wanted to get his driver’s permit, and he scored a perfect 100 on the exam. He never meets a stranger and loves everyone so purely. He makes all of our lives better and has taught me more than anyone else I know.”

Jake is yet another example of an individual with Down syndrome making the world a better place.

It’s tragic some people wrongly believe those with Down syndrome will never amount to anything and should be aborted.

From modeling to singing, to testifying before Congress to winning a race and cheering in a game – those with Down syndrome want the world to know – they’re just like everyone else.

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One would think doctors would learn by now, and stop scaring pregnant moms.

Sadly, the stereotypes still ring true in the medical community today – with many doctors encouraging moms to abort their own babies.

But the story of Jake is just another example of how wrong doctors can be.

This Faithful Man With Down Syndrome Shattered All Stereotypes

Cheers to you Jake!

We wish you a lifetime of happiness and health.

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