CDC Directs “Transgender” Teens To Secret Chat Group – And It’s Absolutely Horrifying 

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The CDC tortured Americans for over two years pushing mask mandates and a host of other “safety protocols” – and now they’re back to gunning for our children.

On the official CDC youth resource page – they list a ton of “resources” for kids to help them with their “LGBT Health.”

From promoting abortions to encouraging gender transitions – to even a “secret chat room” with a quick exit for teens – just wait until you hear about the horrifying things they’re pushing forward.

The CDC claims that LGBT youth experience “negative health and life outcomes” – but instead of helping them address their gender dysphoria – the CDC lists hundreds of propaganda links to lead these confused teens down a darker path.

There are resources for parents, help for kids from pro-LGBT youth organizations, fact cards – and even called a “Q chat space” – designed for minors.

This dangerous chat tells kids to keep secret whatever is discussed and not to share with their parents – and even has a “quick exit” escape should an adult walk in the room.

Breitbart reported:

“One meme posted on Q Chat’s Instagram page displays a Trojan horse, explaining that children may realize they’re queer after “learning about queerness” from their friends.

The chat seems specifically designed to be concealed from parents and family members. Each section of the website has a large button on the bottom of the screen that says “Click/Tap here for a quick escape …” and shows a stick figure running towards an exit. When clicked, the button takes users to the Google homepage, hiding the site. 

The site also notes that users can get reminders that obscure the name of the chat, explaining, “There are 2 text message reminder options: Discreet or Detailed,” going on to explain that “Discreet text reminders are private, they do not include ‘Q Chat Space’ or the name of the chat.”

The fact that the CDC is actually directing children to this site – and teaching kids to keep secrets from their parents is downright horrifying.

If anything, children should be encouraged to run to their parents whenever they have questions – but LGBT activists fear parents because they know they’ll see right through the LGBT agenda which is designed to corrupt and confuse impressionable children.

The CDC site also has “resources” for educators on how to push the LGBT agenda full of propaganda that will only harm young children.

Parents should be horrified at what’s happening – as it’s worse than anyone could have ever imagined.

Our children are like sheep to the slaughter – and by a mere click of a button they have official access to all kinds of LGBT propaganda in one place.

And instead of working with parents to help children who struggle with their gender – LGBT activists are doing just the opposite.

Children are being told they can conceal their “true gender” from their parents. 

One school even launched a transition closet – to help kids change clothes that fit their “true gender” when they come to school so they can hide it from their parents. 

At the end of the day – it’s only our children who continue to suffer.

And yet again – the CDC has the blood of the innocent on their hands.

If your child has a phone or computer at home – make sure you are monitoring what they are viewing.

It could just save their life. 

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