Child “Drag Queens” Go National

LGBT activists have really outdone themselves this time, and now they’ve taken their agenda mainstream.

And in typical fashion, they’ve hijacked young children to promote their perverse agenda.

But the worst part of all, is these innocent children have no idea they are a pawn in a dark underground world of deception and perversion.

You see, LGBT activists know adults are on to their sick game.

So in a desperate attempt to push their agenda mainstream, they are targeting children.

Good Morning America recently decided to host a child “drag queen” on their show, deeming him an “encouragement” to all.

As if oversexualizing a young child is something that should be celebrated!

It’s beyond horrific.

Even worse, the show went on to bring grown “drag queen” adults onto the show, who lavished this child with praise and bought him gifts.

LifeSite News reported:

“After Napoles came onstage by strutting across a red carpet, a conversation ensued celebrating the “inspiring” impact of his cross-dressing as an example for individuality, and his parents’ support for his self-expression. The young boy’s flamboyant and decidedly-adult garb contrasted sharply with his talk of enjoying trains and root beer.

The segment also treated Napoles to a surprise visit by “iconic drag queens” Hedda Lettuce, Shannel, and Alyssa Edwards. The performers lavished similar praise on the boy’s activities as “courageous,” “inspirational,” and “the future of drag.” They also presented him with a number of gifts, including a gift basket of makeup, a unicorn bag with fake nails and other assorted items, and more,”

Truly the minds of these activists are warped, and their consciences are seared.

One can’t even imagine how a person could find it acceptable to play into the innocence of a child, in order to ram through an agenda

“Drag queens” are known to be overly sexual, and the fact they are projecting this sexuality onto a child is horrifying.

LifeSite News also reported this young child’s parents allowed him to start acting out and exploring other “gender options” at the tender age of six.

And as Mommy Underground previously reported, “drag queens” have been showing up all across the country, even during library story time.

The left is utterly obsessed with targeting children.

And it’s everywhere.

Schools are no longer safe.

Young girls face the threat of sexual assault by being forced to share restrooms and locker rooms with “transgender” individuals.

And with Good Morning America promoting the child “drag queen”, they are attempting to make a mental illness more normal and acceptable.

Moms everywhere wake up to this show, and often it’s on when children are in the home.

Not only is this show exploiting this young boy, but they are trying to get moms to buy into the notion that children can “choose” to be whatever they want – even if it means allowing a young boy to dress up in “drag.”

What are your thoughts on Good Morning America deciding to host a child “drag queen” on their show?

Why do you think LGBT activists continue to target young children at such an aggressive rate?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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