Cinderella Remake Teaches “Magic Has No Gender”- What Does That Mean?

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The left will not rest until their perverse agenda has reached the hearts and minds of every innocent child.

Family movies used to be a safe haven from the worldly immorality infiltrating modern society – but not anymore!

Even the new remake of the Disney classic Cinderella is turning a heartfelt tale into a quest to desensitize the masses to the LGBT+ agenda.

Sony Pictures will soon release its live-action remake of childhood favorite, Cinderella.

But the new “Cinderella” is going to feature a fairy godmother very different from what we remember.

Instead of a plump, white-haired woman with that real grandmother vibe, Cinderella’s fairy godmother will be….

………. a 5’9” black man cloaked in a bejeweled ballgown who goes by the name of “Fab G.”

Emmy-winning “Pose” actor Billy Porter was chosen for the role in hopes to “teach” audiences that “magic has no gender,” Kay Cannon told Entertainment Weekly.

Why is it Hollywood’s role to teach our children warped ideas about gender confusion?

And what does it even mean that magic has “no gender”?

As Mommy Underground previously reported, Disney has been more and more straightforward with introducing LGBT characters to children such as their first lesbian main character in “Onward.”

And now “Fab G” is “here to help our modern Cindy manifest her inner princess,” reports Entertainment Weekly.

This is an obvious attempt to groom children into accepting LGBT ideals, inevitably giving parents many complex and difficult conversations to have with their children long before they’re developmentally capable of processing such concepts.

As it is, Porter is often seen on the red carpet wearing elaborate feminine outfits or sparkly accessories – making it unsurprising to see him in recent promos as “Fab G.”

Porter stated his goal was to make the fairy godmother “genderless,” reported The Daily Wire.

But there are obvious holes in the logic behind “Fab G” – as is with most ideas that become liberal theme songs.

Magic is an artificial construct with no human traits, so to apply anthropological characteristics such as gender is completely ludicrous!

But we know the left isn’t worried about illogical propaganda, so long as it gets their message across.

Porter also told CBS News:

“I think that the new generation is really ready. The kids are ready. It’s the grownups that are slowing stuff down.”

So, Porter thinks that impressionable and innocent children who haven’t developed advanced critical thinking are the ones “ready” for the misguided godmother to make her debut.

That should tell you something!

It is heartbreaking to think about all the children who will watch this remake and begin doubting who they were created to be or what is morally right.

And it is enraging to think about all the parents who are going to let their children watch this movie because they believe they’re doing them some sort of service by exposing them to these sickening ideas.

Hopefully, a majority of Americans will stand by their traditional values and boycott this movie and any other films made to embrace an LGBT+ agenda.