Finally! A State That Rejects Inappropriate Books For Children

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It is astounding the material society has deemed appropriate for children, from films to books and beyond.

And as if the content of pro-LGBT and sexually explicit material being peddled to our children wasn’t enough, liberals have now pushed for men dressed as “drag queens” to read it to them.

But one state has had enough – and will not stand for public access to foul children’s books!

Elizabeth Johnston reports:

“The Missouri Secretary of State has proposed a rule that would restrict funding to public libraries that have “inappropriate” content available for children and empower parents to challenge books they find offensive or improper.”

And if there is one motivator for the left to do anything remotely moral it is money.

Parents have not been quiet about the content they have witnessed their children being presented with.

In Virginia, bill SB 659 made it necessary to tell parents about any instructional material that includes sexually explicit content, as Mommy Underground has previously reported.

Can you believe informing parents before you show children a sexually explicit book wasn’t standard practice in public schools?!

Even popular mom sites are promoting children’s books with a strong LGBT+ message.

Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft took action and proposed a rule that would make state libraries submit in writing they will protect minors by restricting access to “inappropriate content” or lose state funding.

In addition, the libraries are not allowed to use state funds to acquire children’s books with inappropriate content.

Inappropriate content would include much of the books found in school libraries currently.

Book topics Elizabeth Johnston spoke of include pedophilic sex acts, violent rape, and positive descriptions of sex work.

Jay Ashcroft said in a statement concerning his motivation behind the Missouri bill to restrict library funding for inappropriate children’s books:

Yes, we want to make sure libraries have the resources and materials they need for their constituents, but we also want our children to be ‘children’ a little longer than a pervasive culture many often dictate.”

“When state dollars are involved, we want to bring back local control and parental involvement in determining what children are exposed to. Foremost, we want to protect our children.”

Another fantastic aspect of Ashcroft’s rule would be that libraries would no longer be able to host events that were not suitable for children under 18 years of age.

Goodbye drag queen story hour!

Libraries all over the nation have been corrupted by the liberal agenda, and nothing made their progress more apparent than a self-avowed “Marxist lesbian”, Emily Drabinski, being elected president of the American Library Association, as Elizabeth Johnston reports.

Just as we have seen a drastic turnaround in corrupt abortion policies, we are seeing a vigilant effort in protecting families through age-appropriate children’s content.

The fight for the survival of conservative values is not an easy feat, but with the valiant efforts of those willing to go against the progressive push of a violent liberal mob, our children are a little safer.