Heroic Mom Risks Everything To Save Her 4 Children From Inferno

Photo by Daniel Tausis on Unsplash.com


A mother’s connection to her children is unconditional, instinctual, and driven.

It’s this strong and undeniable bond that gives moms the ability to push through 15 hours of painful labor or to stay up all night with a sick child before heading to a full day at the office.

But sometimes – like in the case of one Michigan mother- it gives us the strength to do so much more!

When we are confronted with danger a flight or fight reaction occurs within our brain.

Most people choose flight, because it’s easier and usually has a higher survival rate.

However, when it involves your family the claws come out and mama bear is ready to fight.

This reaction is at times too much – like when you want to fight a 5-year-old for pushing your son off the playground – but can save lives when duty calls.

As Mommy Underground has previously reported, one seven-year-old boy swam in a river for over an hour to get help for his little sister and dad, and one mom performed CPR on one of her triplets while in labor, saving her life!

And this story tells another amazing tale of heroism in the face of danger.

Yahoo News reports:

A Michigan mother is on a “very long road” to recovery after rescuing her four children from a raging house fire, suffering serious burns to more than 60% of her body as she pulled them from the blaze.”

When a fire began to consume the Vish’s home in the town of Chelsea, Mikala acted quick and rescued three of her children.

The problem was one of her kids was still inside!

Mikala’s 6-year-old son Torin was trapped somewhere in the home, Vish’s mother, Susan Sutton, told WBJK.

Sutton stated:

As I understand, it was an inferno and she just braced herself for it until she found Torin.”

Torin was taken out by the “absolute hero,” as Chelsea firefighters called the mother on social media.

Miraculously, the young boy only had some burns on his hands and arms, but his mother did not fare as well.

Vish has been enduring painful skin grafts and communicating through blinks and nods, according to the Chelsea Firefighters Facebook post.

Sutton gave the Firefighters’ reports on her progress and prognosis which they relayed on through social media:

Mikala..one tough cookie, full of determination, spit and vinegar..the staff tell me that’s what it takes to survive this, and they are confident she will!”

The Chelsea Fire Department’s Facebook page is calling on community members and others to help the Vish family who “lost everything in the fire.”

We pray a strong mother like Mikala will also have the strength needed to make it through her painful recovery.

I’m sure she is driven by the need to hold her children once again…which she can do because she let her love overtake fear, rescuing her children from impending doom.

May all of us mothers have the bravery to act as swiftly and courageously as Mikala if presented with a similar situation.

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