Horrific – Schools REQUIRE 5th Graders To Have Access To Condoms

Photo by Marie Pe on Flickr.com 


Students are required to have certain needs met while in school like access to healthy food and exercise.

But in Chicago, 5th graders are now actually required to have access to condoms as part of their “health education.”

And once you hear the details of this new program, you’re bound to be horrified.

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) are upping their post COVID-19 materials and supplying schools with things like gloves, sanitizer, and masks – all in the name of health.

But thanks to a new policy by the CPS Board of Education – students in 5th grade and up must now also have access to condoms at all times.

Yes, you just really can’t make this stuff up.

Apparently, CPS’s “top doctor” Kenneth Fox thinks it’s a wise move to supply over 600 schools with free condoms.

As if little kids need encouragement to explore sexual relations.

The Chicago Sun Times reported:

“Young people have the right to accurate and clear information to make healthy decisions,” said Fox, a pediatrician of 30 years. “And they need access to resources to protect their health and the health of others as they act on those decisions.”

“Essentially what we want to do is make condoms available to students for if and when they think they need them,” he said.”

The rules include making the condoms “accessible” and available, but not in too “obvious” of a place.


Now in addition to being bombarded with COVID-19 mandates… 5th graders are encouraged to take condoms to make “healthy decisions.”

Of course, CPS claims their goal is to “prevent” pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, but all this does is encourage young teens to be promiscuous.

And since the school does all this stuff not caring what parents think – this is just a recipe for a disaster.

But the trend of leaving parents out of the equation seems to be a popular thing.

Like in Virginia when the Health Department encouraged teens to text strangers their sensitive health questions, instead of going to their parents.

Or legislation that aimed to leave parents in the dark about their own child’s health.

But adults know if parents are involved in their children’s lives, the radical left won’t be able to push their agenda – because parents will stop it.

So instead, leftists use schools as a way to force their agenda through, hoping parents will be forever kept in the dark.

So moms, please make sure you keep open communication with your children about what is being taught in their schools.

Don’t assume your child’s school will notify you if they make changes to what your children are exposed to.

Schools hope to keep you in the dark – so make sure you stay alert to what is really going on and teach your children they can always come to you first.

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