Kamala Harris Works On Her Fame With Cover Photo For Pro-Abort Magazine

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr


The nation is under distress with political tensions rising daily.

President Biden has been wasting no time forcing his agenda on the country through executive order after executive order.

What has Biden’s right-hand woman been doing during these trying times? Taking glamour photos for a liberal propaganda magazine.

Vogue magazine has already been featured in multiple Mommy Underground articles for promoting teen human trafficking, encouraging teens to reject gender, and writing an expose where abortion is portrayed as “funny and exciting.”

So, it may not be surprising that a woman who works hard to ensure women can kill their unborn children at will would be the star guest for the cover of the February issue of the magazine.

You may think the media would be buzzing about the new female Vice President, but they are too concerned with the cover shoot not featuring her most flattering side.

The cover photo shows Kamala Harris in “signature” Converse sneakers in front of silk pink drapes over a green background (the colors of her sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, while attending Howard University).

As pleasing as those covers may sound, the photo was “underwhelming” as Yahoo Lifestyle put it.

Social media cannot leave it alone and has a lot to say about the Vice President’s lack of fashionable representation.

According to reporter Yashar Ali, Harris and her team were expecting a photo of Harris in a powder blue suit to go to publishing, and it was even the photo editor in chief Anna Wintour had led them to believe would be featured.

But if it’s one thing we have discovered through experience, it is that liberals operate according to their emotions; changing whichever way the wind blows.

Photographer Tyler Mitchell who took both photos discussed above was also led to believe the photo of Harris in the blue suit was going to be featured.

The article inside the February issue features Harris’ life before becoming Vice President, as well as career choices she has made to get to where she is today.

This includes supporting legislation that doesn’t prohibit a mother from killing her child in the womb even up until the day of birth if that is her “choice”, according to The Daily Caller.

She is quoted saying in the Vogue piece:

“I always say this: I may be the first to do many things — make sure I’m not the last.”

Well, she is a first in many ways, but hopefully she is the last pro-abortion vice president that makes office.