Kid Was Kicked Out Of Class For Teacher’s Personal Views

Conservatives are being targeted by left-wing giants for opposing their destructive agenda.

The first amendment is under attack. Social media platforms have indiscreetly created means to weed out opinions from Republican voices.

This is only the beginning. Search engines, news outlets, companies, and even schools are becoming increasingly biased toward liberal ideas.

We continue to see an appalling number of incidents in the public school system where students and faculty are getting away with grossly inappropriate behavior.

On the other hand, conservative students and teachers who stand up for their views and opinions in an acceptable way are being punished relentlessly.

An excellent example of this is in a high school where administrators were trying to force teachers to call students by their name that they identified with, rather than their legal name.

For reasons of principle, one teacher refused to comply with this outrageous request, and his teaching career ended, as Mommy Underground previously reported.

In another high school, as Mommy Underground has reported, the entire student body was forced to watch videos that educated them on the homosexual lifestyle, without their parents’ consent.

Could you imagine the backlash if conservative views were being openly endorsed by a teacher or school?

The media would have a field day with the hypocritical lectures on what is and is not appropriate.

Well, we don’t have to imagine too hard, because it has just occurred in a California high school.

A child was sent to the principle’s office after being lectured on why guns were bad because they were wearing a NRA shirt.

Fox News Insider reported:

A teacher in California reportedly kicked a student out of his history class for wearing a T-shirt advertising the National Rifle Association.”

Two students were wearing NRA t-shirts in a history class at Lodi High School in California Friday when their teacher felt the need to address them for their “offense.”

The seemingly liberal teacher began lecturing the students on why “guns are bad”, reports CBS Sacramento.

Being that the incident occurred in California, you can’t be surprised by the opposition to a NRA shirt or guns in general.

However, addressing a personal disdain for a student’s opinions in a public school classroom is beyond inappropriate and unprofessional for a teacher to do.

It is especially wrong when the shirt, depicting an American flag out of shell casings, is not against school policy.

The policy only addresses wearing clothing that depicts pictures of weapons as being against the rules, according to CBS Sacramento.

When one student spoke up they were sent to the principle’s office, according to Fox News Insider, while the other student was left to sit in the classroom in front of her peers after a public berating.

Charlene Craig, whose 15-year-old daughter was wearing the NRA shirt, was understandably upset about the mistreatment given.

I think he’s there to teach,” Craig told the news outlet. “I don’t think he’s there to discuss his personal beliefs.”

Craig also told CBS that the out of line teacher also informed the class incorrectly that “guns kill people.”

The history teacher then told the students wearing the NRA t-shirts that they would be writing him an essay if they “disagreed” with him, according to Craig’s report to CBS.

You can only assume that the essay would be one in which the conservative students would be forced to regurgitate the teacher’s liberal ideologies with no consideration for opposing views.

And do you think that this teacher was reprimanded for their behavior, like the one who was forced out of a job for not calling a transgender by their preferred name?

Of course not! The school simply informed the parents that the staff would be told again what the dress code is, according to Fox News Insider.


The double standard by which the public school system operates is irrational and unapologetically leaning to the left.

All staff needs to be held accountable for their actions involving our children with the same just measure.

Our kids should be able to receive an education without the undue influence of liberal minions.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think of the history teachers actions and the school’s response.




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