Latest American Girl Doll Sneaks Lesbian Couple Into Storyline Without Warning Parents

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Little girls from all around the United States have delighted in having their very own American Girl Doll to call their own.

But the latest American Girl 2021 “Girl of the Year” doll is anything but wholesome, and you won’t believe the story that accompanies her.

Bringing politics into the mix, the story features two lesbian aunts – and discusses a “law change” – and you won’t believe the way creators tried to hide the content from parents.

The latest 10-year-old doll is named Kira Bailey, who has a love for animals and enjoys spending time with her aunt in Australia.

But the innocent story turns wretched when American Girl includes a lesbian storyline – making her aunt the lesbian married to another woman.

The story goes on to say her aunts were only able to be married once the laws changed, as if normalizing same-sex marriage is something acceptable.

Even worse – this is in a children’s book!

And of course, parents were given no warning about the doll before they purchased her.

Many parents were duped into buying the latest doll for their precious child, assuming the innocence of the doll was the same as previous years.

Naturally, conservative moms across the country were outraged, and expressed their displeasure all over social media.

One Million Moms started an online petition encouraging others moms to fight back.

A portion of the petition said:

“The doll company did not even include a warning so parents would have a heads-up. Within the first few pages of Chapter 1, Kira Down Under includes an illustrated picture of the two women walking down the aisle at their wedding.

This irresponsible storyline is dangerous to the well-being of our children. American Girl should avoid aiming to please a small percentage of customers while pushing away conservative customers.”

But of course, Mattel, the company who owns American Doll, refuses to change the story, and actually prides themselves in being so “inclusive” and “with the times” to have a pro-LGBT storyline geared at little children.

As it turns out, this isn’t American Girl’s first attempt to brainwash little girls with LGBT propaganda.

ABC Action News reported:

“In September, their advice book “A Smart Girl’s Guide: Crushes” (formerly “A Smart Girl’s Guide to Boys”) was updated to include same-sex relationships. And in February, American Girl will publish the book “Pets,” which features a mixed-race family with two dads. It also published the book “Understanding Families” in 2019.

Additionally, American Girl has helped raise funds for Girls, Inc., which promotes reproductive freedom and LGBT-inclusive sex education, and in 2015, its magazine profiled a girl with two dads.”

Another company bites the dust.

It truly is a sad day that a 35-year-old tradition of buying an American Girl Doll has been ruined with the left’s obsession of forcing the LGBT agenda onto children.

If one thing is clear – LGBT activists will use every means necessary to gain access to children.

From libraries to TV shows, and now even to dolls.

Parents must remain vigilant and no longer assume toys are safe for their young ones.

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