Liberals Claim They Rely On Science But Their Actions Say Otherwise

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We hear the words “evidence” and “on the side of science” coming out of liberal’s mouths often.

But that argument is only used when the skewed data supports their twisted ideologies.

When it comes down to the empirical method and consistent outcomes, science is not on the left’s side – and we see their hypocrisy clear as day.

Conservative author and speaker, Ben Shapiro has been at the forefront of the battle against liberal lunacy.

He has traveled all over the nation debating leftist sheep without falter, and has supported growing conservative minds, young and old, by attending rallies, conventions, and sharing real news through his media outlet The Daily Wire.

He did so even when it was dangerous, such as when Antifa rioted at his speech at UC Berkeley, as Mommy Underground has previously reported.

Cal State and the University of Minnesota were able to use violence to stifle Shapiro’s message, but a recent speech at Baylor University in Texas went off without a hitch, letting this country know the true anti-science position of the left.

Shapiro, editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire, explained to an eager audience how the left “portrays itself as the great promoter and defender of science” while “discarding scientific evidence whenever it conflicts with progressive ideology,” according to the recording of the event posted by his news outlet.

In a powerful introduction that spoke a truth we don’t hear enough, he said:

Tonight I’m talking about why the Left hates science.”

He went on to explain the irony in how liberals will say conservatives are ignoring science by rejecting the theory on global warming, or any other unfounded hypotheses of the left, but then make statements that don’t stand up to any sort of scientific scrutiny.

His speech goes on with resounding truth:

Now to a lot of folks on the Left, this sounds ridiculous. After all, it’s right-wingers who are ‘climate deniers,’ ‘science deniers,’ and they believe in that book, the Bible, and they’re all wild and crazy – they don’t believe in anything like the scientific method. But the truth is, right now many of the attacks on science are coming from the political Left.”

This is most evident in liberal’s attempts to legitimize the LGBT community, claiming a human can decide the gender they want to be or represent.

In a riveting argument on the fixed position of human nature, Shapiro speaks on how the left believe in “infinite human malleability,” meaning that humans are still evolving into creatures beyond the way we were designed.

Even more troubling is that the left believes this transformation of basic human nature can be done through government influence.

But we know there is no piece of legislation that can make a male a female, and vice versa.

Shapiro points out:

Infinite engineering of humankind, unfortunately, tends to be undermined by the facts of human nature.”

No matter how many times, in how many different ways, Democratic government officials try to manipulate legislation to claim humans are any different than the way God intended them to be, it cannot alter human nature.

To have a “fixed human nature”, as Shapiro put it, is much more scientific.

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Liberals love to use arguments from social science or political science, which “often do not meet the rigorous standards of science.”

It is not the love of science that drives a liberal’s arguments, but rather a disdain for God and religion for setting boundaries they want to live outside of.

Any position that supports a Biblical worldview is deemed unscientific by liberals despite its accordance with hard facts.

On the other hand, the left wants to boastfully take claim their viewpoints are evidence-based when their anecdotal data offers no true empirical evidence.

Shapiro shares why liberals want to take religion out of politics:

That’s because people on the secular Left see religion as an obstacle to progress – all progress. They’re not merely concerned with Galileo – who, by the way, was an ardent believer in the Divine. They’re concerned that religion acts as a retrograde check on their ambitions to rewrite society, including the rewriting of fundamental societal truths, like distinctions between the sexes and the value of the family unit.”

So not only does the left ignore scientific truth, they reject Biblical beliefs with little understanding of its fundamental basis in human nature.

It is clear the left is only concerned with science when the results coincide with their current position.

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