Massive Lawsuit Moves Forward After “Transgender” Student Exposed Himself in Locker Room

A Chicago school has found itself in hot water, after the decision was made to allow “transgender” students who are male to use the girl’s locker room — simply for “identifying” as a female.

Despite the protest of students and parents, high-school girls continue to be traumatized and humiliated at the thought of using a locker room with boys, rightfully so.

But as it turns out, the policy to let boys into girl’s locker rooms has backfired and opened up a lawsuit due to the unthinkable horror young girls have been exposed to.

The local school board in Chicago granted “transgender” male students the right to have access to the same bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms as girls.

And as a result, teenage girls have been forced to undergo humiliation with male students walking in on them changing.

The psychological and emotional trauma these young girls have been forced to endure because of pro-LGBT school officials is inhumane.

And these men have taken full advantage of their “rights” to use the girl’s locker room – by purposefully stripping and changing in front of the young girls, further adding to their humiliation.

In fact, one boy even exposed himself to a young girl in the process, which gave grounds to a legal lawsuit as parents have said enough is enough and are determined to fight back.

LifeSite News reports:

“Thomas Olp, Vice President and Senior Counsel at the Thomas More Society, elaborated on the situation, “One transgender student reportedly exposed his genitalia to a female student in the girls’ locker room, and refused to use a private changing area to disrobe. Girls who regularly use the three female locker rooms to change say they are fearful that a biological male may walk in at any time and see them in a state of undress or even naked. This is obviously an untenable situation and parents have every right to try to preserve their children’s privacy in single sex privacy facilities like bathrooms and locker rooms. No school board should be allowed to impose on the privacy, modesty, even safety of these young people.”

Students and Parents for Privacy is made up of parents and students in the district who are tired of being forced to have their rights violated all in the name of “equality” for the “transgender” movement.

And thanks to the Thomas More Society and the Alliance Defending Freedom, these parents and students are being represented by common sense adults who agree the assault and violation on our children by the LGBT movement has got to stop.

Even more good news, according to LifeSite News, a United States District Court is permitting the case to proceed due to the violation of religious freedom and sexual harassment charge.

Those who advocate for “transgender” locker rooms keep insisting there is no safety issue, but this latest case shows the danger of allowing sexual predators full access to girls.

It’s only a matter of time before something worse happens.

Sexual predators are empowered by the freedom to use women’s restrooms – like the man who almost sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl in a restroom, who by the grace of God was able to fight back and escape.

We know “transgender” bathrooms endanger women and children.

And it’s absolutely sickening teachers and school boards across the country are more concerned with pushing the pro-LGBT agenda instead of protecting students against sexual assault.

Let’s pray victory ensures that students will regain their freedom and privacy to use the locker room of their biological gender, without the intrusion of “transgender” students intermixing with them.

What are your thoughts on “transgender” locker rooms?

Do you hope the parents and students will win their case against the pro-LGBT school board?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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