Mother Faced With The Child She Aborted 36 Years Ago

When a 19-year-old woman and her college sweetheart learned they were expecting a baby, the woman’s mother insisted she get an abortion.

Even though this pregnant woman was well into her third trimester and was a whopping 8 months pregnant, she went ahead and agreed to move forward with the abortion.

But while this young mom thought she had succeeded in ending her baby’s life, nothing could prepare her for the surprise that took place more than 30 years after she had her abortion.

As it turns out, after the abortion,  the tiny “aborted” baby was placed in with medical waste to dispose of. Then a nurse heard a cry.

The nurse immediately rushed Melissa into hospital care and saved her life.

Melisa, the baby who survived, went on to tell her story, about how she felt unloved and unwanted growing up, never knowing what happened.

Even though she was adopted, like all adoptees, she felt a void.

Not knowing where you come from, or why you were given up is a huge burden to carry around, especially during the chaotic teenage years.

But when Melissa found out the truth and made peace with her past, she found forgiveness, and the truth set her free.

The i reports on the conflicting emotions of both shock and gratitude Melissa faced upon learning about her past

“I wondered how I could be put up for adoption without my mother’s written consent. I came to the conclusion her signature must have been forged on the documents.

I did some further digging and spoke to someone who worked at the hospital when I was born. She told me about how I was saved – someone heard my cries in the medical waste bin and rushed me to intensive care.

 I have never met the nurse who gave me a chance at life but she’s an angel, I owe her everything.”

This story shows how the bravery and compassion of one nurse could save a child’s life.

Because of this nurse, Melissa was given a chance at life.

A chance to live. A chance to have a family of her own.

Sadly, thanks to eager abortionists, not every baby gets the chance to be born and experience life.

The abortion industry is darker than ever, and they’ve become so calloused to human life, they even refuse to help babies who are born alive.

They truly believe babies who survive botched abortions deserve to die.

Some abortion clinics hate life so much, they’ve threatened to fire abortion workers who try and save babies who are born alive.

Even more sickening, those who slaughter unborn lives often brag about the ways they murder unborn babies and make a profit.

But praise be to God, Melissa wasn’t another abortion statistic.

She was a survivor.

Melissa went on to report how meeting her mother brought her closure, and how she was able to finally find peace.

The i continued:

“That day I wanted to turn away and run when I first saw her walking towards me. It was terrifying. But then we hugged and we both shed tears. I said to her, “It’s been a long time”. She replied, “I was robbed of you.”

Melissa’s ability to forgive and find healing is remarkable.

Instead of allowing the bitterness to eat her alive, she let go and was able to face her past.

What are your thoughts about a living 8-month baby being placed out in the dumpster with “medical trash” after a botched abortion?

Were you shocked to learn Melissa was able to forgive her birth-mother for choosing to abort her, instead of giving her life?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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