New York Legislation Seeks To Mandate Free Abortions For College Students 

The city of death is continuing on its quest to slaughter even more babies through abortion, and this time they are targeting college students.

Proposed New York legislation is seeking to give free abortion pills to college students so they can end the life of their unborn babies.

To make matters even worse – they are asking taxpayers to fund it.

Which means, a Christian pro-life taxpayer who follows the law and pays taxes could untimely be the one paying for a confused college student to take the life of her baby.

Instead of funding abortions, colleges should pour their resources into counseling teens, and even providing services like life-saving ultrasounds.

But of course, since New York is literally obsessed with increasing the number of babies slaughtered through abortion, they’ll do whatever they can to make abortion even more accessible. 

And even more sickening, they celebrate the ending of innocent life with joy.

Like the time they lit up the One World Trade Center pink, to “celebrate” the fact a baby can be slaughtered right up until birth.

Or the time when a deranged lunatic killed a woman and her unborn baby, but due to the new abortion law in New York, the unborn baby was no longer considered a life – so the man was not charged with killing an unborn child. 

And now, abortion-hungry New York is seeking to make abortion even more accessible and free to teenagers.

Sexual predators are having a field day, knowing they can violate a teen girl and simply demand her to get a free abortion pill on her local college campus.

Sadly, New York isn’t the first state to propose such legislation.

Earlier this year, California passed a law forcing state public universities to have the abortion pill on college campuses.

The Governor of California is so eager to promote abortions, he’s even invited women to come to California –just to get an abortion!

Pro-life activists are already speaking up against the harmful effects these types of actions will have on women.

In fact, Students for Life of America wasted no time in pointing out the dangerous repercussions that are sure to follow. 

LifeSite News reported.

“Student fees underwrite the costs of the healthcare centers on campuses, which will now be required to distribute deadly chemical abortion bills,” explained Kristan Hawkins, President of SFLA. “And healthcare professionals will also be forced to hand them out no matter the consequences to women’s health, but Students for Life of America will make sure to connect these victims of conscience right violations with legal help to stop the spread of a bad idea that is only good for propping up abortion venders like Planned Parenthood.”

Many women who have an unplanned pregnancy are scared and feel isolated. 

What they need are compassionate and trained workers who can walk alongside them and connect them to resources to get them help.

The last thing they need is to simply have free access to an abortion pill to “make it all go away.”

Because as many women will tell you, when a woman decides to end the life of her unborn baby, it causes grief for the mother too – as women are not designed to murder their own babies.

Let’s hope more pro-life activists continue to sound the alarm, and that dangerous legislation like this will never see the light of day again in other states.  

What are your thoughts about New York offering free abortion pills on college campuses?

Do you think taxpayers should be forced to pay for abortions?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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