Newspaper Rejects “All Lives Matter” Pro-Life Ad Calling It Racist

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A pro-life group created a tender ad with a photo of an unborn baby and the words “All Lives Matter End Abortion Now” in hopes to run it in their local paper.

But instead of running the ad, the paper rejected it and you won’t believe their reasoning.

Even though the ad made no mention of race, the newspaper claims using the words “All Lives Matter” was somehow racist, so they refused to run the ad.

Of course, the point of the ad was to advocate for all lives – whether black or white.

LifeSite News reported:

“Every child in the womb is a person created in the image of God, a person loved by God and a little girl or boy who is our sister or brother,” the ad states. “Abortion is the unjust killing of an innocent person. All lives will not matter until every person is loved and respected no matter if they are black or white, born or preborn. We must unite to end the killing of babies by abortion.”

Originally, the newspaper agreed to run the ad. It later refused, however, asking that the wording be changed since it was “racist.” The Register Star sales manager told the Rockford Family Initiative that “all lives matter is seen as racist to the black community.”

But the truth is, the same people shouting Black Lives Matter, seem to be ignoring all the unborn black babies who continue to be slaughtered in droves.

Pro-lifers have desperately tried to bring attention to the racist founder of Planned Parenthood – who actually wanted to target and eliminate minorities.

Even former Planned Parenthood employees admit the black community is a target of pro-aborts.

But where is the outrage there?

Where are the protests in the streets about the racist roots of Planned Parenthood and the planned assault on the black community?

The CDC reports black women make up only six percent of the U.S. population, yet account for nearly 35 percent of all abortions!

One abortionist even coldly said “nobody wants black babies”.

These words are horrific, and extremely insulting to the black community – not to mention racist.

Abortions of unborn babies is the real threat to black lives.

And the fact a newspaper refuses to run an ad speaking up for unborn babies shows just how far the culture of death has twisted its claws into the media.

People are terrified to say “All Lives Matter” for fear they’ll be called racist.

But somehow they are okay with billboard ads in minority communities telling black women that “abortion is self-care”?

Talk about a double standard.

It is true, every single life matters. Whether black, brown, or white, every baby is a gift from God and deserves the chance to be born.

Truly it is a sad day in our country where a pro-life ad which seeks to bring attention to the slaughtering of unborn babies is deemed “racist” and therefore not able to be published.

The culture of death is trying to hide the truth, which is why more than ever pro-life advocates need to speak up on the real threat to black lives.

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