Nickelodeon Turns The Blue’s Clues Alphabet Song Into A Pro-LGBT Tribute

Photo by Nancy Girard Bégin on Flickr


Nickelodeon is full aboard the LGBT train with no sign of slowing down.

Once again, they’ve used the popular kid’s show Blue’s Clues as a way to sneak in their LGBT agenda.

And now, a simple song teaching children the letters of the alphabet has been turned into a celebration of gay pride.

On their YouTube channel, what seems like an innocent alphabet song starts off okay, until the letter P comes up.

There are all sorts of words they could have used to highlight the letter P – like pencil, penguin, pants, or pig…

But instead, creators of this alphabet song decided to use it as a chance to teach children all about the LGBT flags.

The latest Blue’s Clues alphabet song highlights the letter “P” in the alphabet – but this P is far from innocent or kid-friendly.

In fact, creators decided to design it as a “rainbow P” to celebrate gay pride, and surround it with all sorts of LGBT flags as they boldly declared “P is full of Pride.”

LifeSite News reported:

“When the song reaches P, it announces that “P is full of Pride!” and the letter is flanked by eight different “pride” flags. In addition to the widely-recognizable homosexual and transgender pride flags, the pro-LGBT Out identifies the others as representing non-white LGBT, asexual, lesbian, bisexual, nonbinary, genderfluid, intersex, and pansexual “pride.”

Of course, most little children watching the alphabet song have no idea what “pride” actually means, nor will they recognize the eight different “pride” flags or even understand terms like “pansexual”, but creators want to start soaking these messages into their brain at a young age.

This is the goal of the entertainment industry – introduce as much LGBT propaganda as possible, as often as possible.

But instead of focusing on adult programming, they’ve resorted to teen and now even kid’s shows.

Sadly, this is nothing new.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, Nickelodeon is no longer family friendly, and has long abandoned catering to the traditional family.

In fact, their shows do just the opposite.

But they aren’t the only one taking advantage of the innocent and impressionable minds of young children.

From Sesame Street to Disney, no child’s show is safe from LGBT infiltration.

In fact, parents can barely turn on the television without having LGBT storylines thrown in their face.

Even channels that used to be deemed as safe and family friendly like Hallmark have caved under LGBT pressure.

The truth is, there’s no escaping the reality that LGBT programming is beginning to dominate, everywhere.

And now, even educational songs like teaching children the alphabet have warped into promoting the LGBT agenda.

So parents – remain vigilant.

One can no longer assume kid’s shows are safe – in fact – these days expect just the opposite.

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