Shocking New Pro-Life Documentary Reveals The Secrets Abortion Clinics Don’t Want You To Know

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Abortionists insist they are “pro women” – but a shocking new documentary reveals a major secret they are keeping from pregnant women.

When a scared young woman walks through the doors of an abortion clinic – those who wish to slay her unborn baby want to hide the truth of what is really happening inside of her.

And once you hear the devious ways they are promoting abortion at the expense of these women, you’re bound to be outraged.

Studies have shown time and time again, women who see an ultrasound of their baby often choose life.

After all, when a woman hears the heartbeat and sees a living breathing life, it’s hard to deny that it is in fact a baby growing inside the womb.

Which is why abortion clinics do everything possible to prevent a woman from seeing an ultrasound of their own baby.

But why would abortion clinics hide an ultrasound from a pregnant woman?

It’s clear – because they want nothing to stand in the way of a woman ending her pregnancy and killing the beautiful life growing inside of her.

The documentary titled “Life After Abortion”, reveals the shocking stories of women who entered an abortion clinic, and were denied the right to see their own baby.

And it wasn’t just one story…

… time after time a common thread was revealed – abortion clinics DO NOT want pregnant women to see their own babies, for fear they’d choose life instead.

Live Action reported:

“As the nurse was performing the ultrasound, I watched her, and she was looking at my baby on the monitor. And I asked her, I said, “Can I see my baby?” And she took the monitor, literally, with her hands, and turned it away from me.

Another woman said, “As I was watching the monitor, the nurse and the doctor asked me not to watch. They turned the monitor away.”

Another woman described how the abortion worker got angry when she looked at the ultrasound screen. “And I turned to look at the screen and thought, ‘that looks like a baby,’” she said. “Well, she got very upset and yelled at me, and said, ‘turn around, don’t you dare look at that!’”

This is beyond unconscionable.

If abortionists were “so sure” all these women coming in “wanted abortions” …

… then they shouldn’t be afraid to let the women see their own baby.

But the truth is, they know seeing a kicking, living, breathing baby will likely cause these women to choose life.

And that would hurt their bottom line, and put them out of business.

Praise God there are life-saving pregnancy centers who actually encourage women to see their babies on an ultrasound, knowing it will likely save the life of a baby.

If there was ever any doubt at the dark and devious ways abortionists will go to encourage a mother her only choice is abortion – this documentary shows what really happens behind the scenes.

And it’s anything but “empowering.”

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