Sick Leftists Celebrate Killing Babies With A Pro-Abortion Christmas Tree

Photo by Tara Raye on Unsplash


As families gather around their brightly decorated Christmas trees strung with lights and homemade ornaments – a sense of joy is felt by all.

But when one abortion provider decorated their office tree– it was anything but jolly.

In fact, these pro-abort individuals actually decided to celebrate Christmas by rejoicing in the fact at how many babies they’ve killed – complete with actual abortion decor to top it off.

Yes, amongst their brightly-lit Christmas tree – the abortion clinic topped off their tree with the unthinkable.

There was no angel or star or bright red bow as most families have.

Instead, they had the sick audacity to top their office tree with two Sopher clamps – the same tool used to murder unborn babies.


As if it isn’t bad enough this clinic slaughters babies in their third trimester – they are actually PROUD of it.

One of the abortion clinic employees tweeted out:

“IT IS LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO TOP OUR TOPPER. #ProAbortion #Abortions #Christmas”

After facing a backlash, he’s since deleted his tweet…

… although clearly there was no shame or remorse for his actions.

The pro-abort tweet shows just how much his office rejoices in killing unborn babies, it’s truly sick.

Sadly, this isn’t the first-time pro-aborts have bragged about killing unborn babies.

Several “Shout Your Abortion” campaigns have boasted about the “beauty” of abortion.

The media has produced a number of shows and articles attempting to convince teenage girls that abortion is “totally normal” and an everyday part of being a teenager.

And who could forget the viral video of the woman singing to her babies before she ended their lives!

So often, the left paints the narrative that abortion is never something to “celebrate” but is a last resort for a scared young girl who has no place to turn.

They pretend to be “pro woman” and claim abortion is only done in the name of “healthcare.”

Of course, every conservative knows this is a bold-faced lie.

There is nothing “pro woman” about convincing a woman or teenager to kill her own baby.

Nor is abortion anything glorious that should be celebrated – it should be detested and banned.

And the fact an abortion clinic actually decorated a Christmas tree with the same weapon used to kill a baby is just another example of how the culture of death is the true heart behind the leftist agenda.

It’s almost as if they don’t even try to hide it anymore!

But with Biden and his pro-aborts ready to run the country – one can expect to see more abortions not only well-funded, but encouraged.

May God have mercy on our country that we as a nation rejoice in the ruthless slaughter of innocent life.

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