Social Media Is Getting In The Way Of Common Courtesy 

Have you ever been the victim of a social media hijacking? 

And not the kind where a hacker from some foreign country adds a bunch of weirdos to your friends list.

There is a real issue going on in the digital world where respect for one another’s private information is being taken advantage of.

Gossip, big news, and shocking information get the most likes on Facebook; because people love a good story- they want to be wowed!

New parents seem to be getting the brunt of the unwanted exposure on social media. 

When a new baby comes into this world, parents are overjoyed, and just want to bask in the precious first moments of their growing family. 

Your mother-in-law should understand if you don’t want to post an announcement 30 minutes after pushing a little human being out.

Not to mention you have just completed the longest and most vigorous workout of your life!

Having a baby is very intimate, and it is your news to share!

Before the world of Twitter and the like, there was never an issue with the relatives visiting a new baby and then running home to mail out a bunch of announcements that they got to see Little Jane Doe. 

The internet has done something strange and unprecedented to common courtesy. It has made it a vague afterthought.

Now moms have to worry about trying to race onto the social media scene when they have a baby, and for every big developmental step thereafter, in order to be the first to mention it. 

Having a hundred people comment unexpectedly about a joyous time is annoying, but encouraging as well. 

However, when the news is less than favorable, having people you barely know comment about you or your family’s trials can be devastating. 

This applies not only to when you deliver a baby, such as when there are complications, but when you are faced with other tragic news, such as a cancer diagnosis or death in the family. 

Caila Smith, writing for Scary Mommy, discusses the travesty of others posting private information that is not theirs on social media. She shares:

It’s health diagnoses that aren’t ours to share. It’s the news of a sudden injury that isn’t our injury to talk about. And it’s the loss of a loved one that we shouldn’t out when we will not grieve near as much in comparison. Believe it or not, this world continues to spin without these thoughtless social media posts which are created on a whim… perhaps more smoothly if we could forget our own wants and focus on another’s needs.”

Another area of growth most individuals are in need of, but that social media violates time and time again is boundaries. 

Life’s too short to waste your time with a friend list that includes individuals who aren’t respectful of your privacy and life, as Mommy Underground has previously reported.

If you are that person that loves to be the first to post important information, even if it is not yours to share, put yourself in their shoes. 

Would you like to have intimate details of your life brought to you by near strangers in any environment?

Most of us would answer with a big fat “No way!”

Don’t let the internet take away our humanity, and protect yourself against those who need a common courtesy wake up call.

Please let us know in the comments section if you have had details about your personal life displayed on social media without your permission, and how it made you feel.

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