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TikTok Is Being Used By Child Predators In The Worst Way

  Guarding our children against all the vile in the world is a fulltime job with liberal ideologies infesting major media and marketing companies. Monitoring screen time, setting up parental controls, and having frequent conversations about true morality help. Sadly, there is a major player in the assaults against our […]

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Whoopi Is Done With Twitter And We Are Hoping Her Friends Follow

  The biggest news in social media since Zuckerberg admitted to a lack of privacy on Facebook is Elon Musk buying Twitter. A lot of executive changes have been made to the social media giant, with many more promised down the line. These changes haven’t favored the liberal agenda so […]

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Studies Show Your Liberal Friend May Be Intolerant Of Your Conservative Views 

  We’ve all had the uncomfortable confrontation or silence that comes when divisive political views are brought up amongst friends. Some are able to stifle their conflicting views, while others will write you off no questions asked because you have a controversial bumper sticker. Well, now it’s been brought to […]

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Freedom-Loving Americans Beware When Using Social Media

  Connecting with friends, families – and complete strangers with similar interests- on the internet has become an intimate part of American society. But how is society being shaped when every word on major social media networks is being filtered to favor a liberal viewpoint? Freedom-loving conservatives don’t want to […]

Cell Phones Should Not Be Part Of A School Day

Cell Phones Should Not Be Part Of A School Day

Remember when you were in school and kids either sat around and talked in between class or played hacky sack? Now kids barely even notice the person next to them because their noses are buried in a book. Just kidding! They are buried in a cell phone. Since when was […]

Social Media Is Getting In The Way Of Common Courtesy 

Social Media Is Getting In The Way Of Common Courtesy 

Have you ever been the victim of a social media hijacking?  And not the kind where a hacker from some foreign country adds a bunch of weirdos to your friends list. There is a real issue going on in the digital world where respect for one another’s private information is […]