TikTok Is Being Used By Child Predators In The Worst Way

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Flickr.com


Guarding our children against all the vile in the world is a fulltime job with liberal ideologies infesting major media and marketing companies.

Monitoring screen time, setting up parental controls, and having frequent conversations about true morality help.

Sadly, there is a major player in the assaults against our children – and many families, unbeknownst to them, participate in the platform.

Forbes engaged in an investigative report and they made shocking discoveries.

It’s been uncovered that graphic media content depicting “lewd and pornographic acts from minors is easy to come across” on a popular video sharing app.

No, this isn’t an underground app only select child predators know about.

The app is TikTok.

With over 86.9 million users last year according to Statista, TikTok is moving up in US popularity, especially with young people.

Forbes has reported the social media platform has child sex abuse material “hiding in plain sight.”

Forbes continues by sharing how it is done:

They typically read like advertisements and come from seemingly innocuous accounts.”

“But often, they’re portals to illegal child sexual abuse material quite literally hidden in plain sight—posted in private accounts using a setting that makes it visible only to the person logged in.”

All big online companies monitor their content through algorithms that alert the proper department when specific keywords are used in searches.

However, predators have developed terms and lingo that won’t flag any violations and sharing abhorrent material in “post-in-private” accounts.

Seara Adair, child sexual abuse survivor and children safety advocate, told Forbes how users are bypassing the AI system by posting a few seconds of a black screen before any pornographic content is shown.

Adair states:

There’s quite literally accounts that are full of child abuse and exploitation material on their platform.”

“Not only does it happen on their platform, but quite often it leads to other platforms – where it becomes even more dangerous.”

A Forbes investigator wanted to verify Adair’s claims and found not one, but many post-in-private handles containing inappropriate images of minors with some accounts recruiting girls for more indecent material.

It is not surprising that spokesperson for TikTok, Mahsau Cullinane, told Forbes in an email that they have “zero tolerance for child sexual abuse martial [sic] and this abhorrent behavior which is strictly prohibited on our platform.”

Cullinane added how the company’s AI monitors every video that comes through.

But it apparently isn’t enough to keep children safe.

The US government has already been urged by federal communication officials to ban TikTok after it was discovered users’ private data was being leaked, The Daily Wire explains.

And you’d think this should be enough to take action against TikTok, but it’s unlikely considering Biden nominating a Supreme Court justice who protects child sexual predators.

Ultimately, the protection of our children starts at home. Start early and have conversations with your children about keeping their bodies safe and how to watch out for potential predators.

And don’t stop there. Check in often about who they are chatting with on their devices and if they’ve seen or experienced any suspicious activity.

Only allow devices to be used in communal spaces like the kitchen or living room so you can monitor what their watching.

Social media companies are only concerned about their bottom line – not your family values. So stay vigilant.