Teacher Arrested After Locking Her Son In The Trunk On The Way To COVID-19 Testing Site

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash.com


41-year Sarah Beam was so paranoid about catching COVID-19 she decided to lock her 13-year-old son (who happened to be COVID-19 positive) in the trunk of her car.

Even though her son already tested positive, Sarah decided to drive him to a testing site again, insisting he needed further testing.

And once you hear her “rationale” for locking her son in a moving vehicle– you’re bound to be outraged.

To start – one can’t even begin to imagine what went through Sarah’s mind…

… or why she thought her son who already tested positive needed testing again.

But clearly, she lost it by thinking it was somehow a good idea to lock her son in the trunk of her car.

This is what COVID-19 hysteria does – causes even the most rational minds to lose it.

Sarah was so afraid of contracting COVID-19 – she’d rather lock her own son in the trunk of a car in order to “protect herself.”

Thankfully, authorities were able to intervene.

When she pulled up to the testing site and disclosed her son was in the trunk – naturally the testing staff was shocked – and refused to do the test until her son was properly seated in the car.

ABC 7 Chicago reported:

“According to the documentation, the Cy-Fair ISD director of health services, who was working the drive-thru, saw Beam’s vehicle with the teen in the trunk. Beam was said to have acknowledged to the director of health that her son was in the trunk due to him having been tested positive for the coronavirus.

The documents state Beam had placed him there so she wouldn’t be exposed to the virus while driving her child for additional testing.

The health worker asked to see the child, who, when the trunk was unlatched, was lying down inside. The worker then told Beam no testing would be done until the child moved into the back seat of the vehicle.”

Absolute madness.

Sarah, who is also a high school teacher was rightfully charged with a felony of endangering a child.

While Sarah’s actions are shocking, they are all too common.

Adults are taking out their “COVID-19 fears” on students all across the world.

Photos are popping up all on social media of elementary kids being forced to eat their lunch outdoors in the freezing cold sitting on top of buckets.

One teacher even put a kid who was sick (who didn’t even end up having COVID-19) in an outdoor shed – causing him to get hypothermia while he waited until his mother picked up him.

Our poor children!

They continue to be abused by adults who are obsessed with pushing mandates, restrictions, and fear onto them.

And in Sarah’s case – it shows even parents – who are supposed to be a child’s last line of defense are turning on them too.

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