Tennessee Seeks To Ban “Transgender” Treatment For Minors

Photo by Adam Schwartz on Flickr.com


As LGBT activists all across the country continue to exploit children hoping to convince them to “change genders” – it seems as if our leaders have lost their minds.

From California Governor Gavin Newsom creating a “sanctuary state” for “transgender” youth to the President of the United States advocating for “transgender” bathrooms at school – it seems as if adult continue to endanger children without remorse.

But thankfully – there are still levelheaded adults doing their part to push back against harmful “gender-affirming” procedures targeting children– and just wait until you hear what these Tennessee legislators have done.

A new bill was introduced called the “Protecting Children from Gender Mutilation Act” which protects kids from “gender” transitions – and gives them recourse to fight back.

GOP lawmakers wanted it to be the first thing on the agenda – and the legislation (if it passes) is said to be one of the strictest in the nation.

The Tennessean reported:

“If ultimately approved in the state’s GOP-dominated General Assembly, it would be among the nation’s strictest bans.

House Bill 1 and Senate Bill 1 calls for bans on medical procedures that alter minors’ hormonal balance and procedures that remove organs when, “performed for the purpose of enabling a minor to identify with, or live as, a purported identity inconsistent with the minor’s sex or treating purported discomfort or distress from a discordance between the minor’s sex and asserted identity.”

The bills allow the courts to impose $25,000 fines for each violation and allow the Attorney General to bring an action against a health care provider for violations up to 20 years after they happen.”

Good for Tennessee!

Other states like Florida have led the charge in advocating to protect our girls from those who seek to harm them.

LGBT activists won’t stop until children can go against their own parents… and live as whatever “gender” they choose.

To allow a minor child to undergo life-altering changes to their body is unconscionable.

Children don’t yet have the mental makeup or capacity to understand the changes they are doing now are often irreversible – and can destroy their entire life.

There are countless stories of young teen girls who wanted to “become men” who had double mastectomies and took other hormonal drugs – and now that they are at the age where they want to have children – and they are crushed to learn they can’t breastfeed… or even get pregnant.

We’ve reached a scary time in our nation where politicians actually have to introduce legislation to stop doctors from giving hormonal drugs to children, but here we are living under Biden’s “new normal.”

Let’s hope states all around the country get involved in the fight to protect our children from the LGBT madness and introduce bills to stop the “transgender” craze.

Our children can’t yet vote or advocate for themselves – and they are counting on us.

We can’t let them down, the stakes are too high.

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