The Slippery Slope Begins: HGTV Features Polygamous Couple House Hunting

As LGBT activists continue to gun and demand for more tv spots, conservatives have fought back warning it could be a slippery slope.

Conservatives cautioned once LGBT activists got their way, it was only a matter of time before more perverse and non-traditional families would flash across the screens. 

LGBT activists mocked and dismissed the legitimate concerns of conservatives, claiming having normalized LGBT characters simply gives them their “due” space in the media.

They scoffed at the idea that showing same-sex couples would lead to polygamy and called conservatives paranoid. 

But as it turns out, conservatives were right.

And now in addition to being bombarded with drag queen teenagers, LGBT themes, and racy images – kids and teens are now being introduced to the polygamous couple.

As if having more than one wife is something completely normal that should be accepted and digested.

The polygamous couple premiered on the beloved show House Hunters.

HGTV proudly called the couple a “throuple” and showed a man with his two girlfriends hunting for a dream house.

Bragging about the fact they highlighted a polygamous couple, they even titled the show “Three’s Not a Crowd.”

What makes the situation even more troubling is the description of the couple – which of course involves innocent children.

People Magazine reported:

“Brian and Lori, who are legally married, fell in love with Geli after meeting her at a bar. The trio entered into a relationship with Brian and Lori exchanging vows with Geli in a commitment ceremony attended by their children.”

To force innocent children to watch mommy and daddy exchange vows and become a polygamous couple with some woman they met at a bar is horrifying.

What kind of example does this set for them?

Instead of teaching their children to find love and respect in a partner, this show teaches them it’s okay to share your spouse.

Commitment and loyalty are out the drain and hormones and attraction reign supreme. 

But not only does this harm the development of their own children – it teaches children everywhere polygamy is okay.

After all, if a polygamous couple is buying a house – it can’t be so bad, right?

And for young teens who think it’s okay to play the field and date multiple people – normalizing polygamy only further leads to their dysfunction.

Some young teens might even think it’s cool to learn it’s “okay” to have multiple women, who seem to be okay sharing the same man.

Of course, leftists came out praising the show for being so “progressive” and “educational” and were pleased HGTV was “representing” all couples. 

But sadly yet again, innocent children are forced to watch the culture war rage on, where traditional family values and morals are dismissed and even mocked.

It’s up to parents to be engaged with what their children are watching, as it turns out even buying a house can be used to push the LGBT agenda.

The slippery slope continues to slide, and it’s terrifying to watch how much worse things can get. 

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