Toddler Mutilates Himself After Thinking He’s “Transgender ” – Parents Affirm Him


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After 3-year-old Logan tried to cut off his genitals – instead of working with a team of professionals to help her child – Logan’s mom claimed this “proved” he was really a girl.

She backed up her claim with the fact that Logan played with dolls… as if somehow a 3-year-old boy who picks up a doll is suddenly “transgender”.

And once you hear what happened to little Logan– you’re bound to be outraged.

To start – a 3-year-old boy cannot suddenly “decide” he’s a girl.

It’s ridiculous.

A child who can’t even match their own clothes or take care of themselves can suddenly make changes regarding their “gender identity”?


But Logan’s mother thinks her son’s close call with scissors somehow “proves” he is really a girl.

Kids do crazy and foolish things all the time.

They are KIDS.

But instead of continuing to treat Logan like the boy he is – his mother began dressing him in little girl’s clothes, preparing him for a sex change at the tender age of 6.

And now that Logan is 8-years old – they are taking drastic measures that will alter his life forever.

Instead of taking him to therapy – they are taking him to the Gender Identity Development Service.

The mom, Jess Bratton, thinks having her little boy “change genders” is the most wonderful thing in the entire world.

Sadly, some liberal media outlets seem to agree – writing about the importance of affirming Logan’s “true identity” – even referring to him as a “her.”

Of course, all this does is convince the mother she’s on the right path in caring for her son.

LifeSite News reported:

“Logan’s family (although Bratton is separated from his father), his school — everyone around them has affirmed this as fact. They are now awaiting an appointment at the Gender Identity Development Service in London.

“As well as showing how proud I am of Logan, I want to share my story to raise awareness about being transgender and to urge other parents not to be embarrassed about their child’s choices,” she said. 

To take such drastic measures on a child that will forever alter his life is unconscionable.

What happens if little Logan grows up, falls in love, and wants to get married and have children?

Because of the adults in his life, these joyous moments will be robbed from him.

Not to mention the emotional trauma and abuse he is sure to endure after he pshycologically and emotionally matures.

Children need their parents for protection – but Logan’s mother is putting him in harm’s way, and bragging about it.

Sadly, there are parents all around the world who continue to adopt the “transgender” mindset – even willing to sacrifice the bodies and minds of their own children to fit a sick agenda.

Parents like this should have their children taken from them – but instead – they’re celebrated as “heroic” and “courageous”.

The worst part of all – it’s our children who will continue to suffer for the mistakes of their parents.

Truly shameful.

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