Top 10 Beauty And Hygiene Products You Can Make At Home

Toothpastes are a sneaky place to hide toxins, but it happens. Toothpaste contains fluoride, sodium laurylsulfate, sugar, and other additives.

Red and Honey gives you a mineral rich toothpaste recipe that tastes great:


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1/4 cup Bentonite clay
1/2 t real salt
1/3 cup near boiling water
2 T coconut oil
3 t xylitol
2 t calcium/magnesium powder
12 drops trace mineral
15-20 drops any combination of cinnamon, spearmint, peppermint, myrrh, or clove essential oil

Combine clay, salt, and hot water. Be sure not to use a metal measuring cup as it will deactivate the clay.
Once the clay mixture has cooled to close to room temperatureadd the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Store in a clean jar.