Tragic – Legislators Voted To Make It Easier For Human Traffickers To Continue Their Abuse

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Human traffickers use coercion and force to control their victims – and these legislators just voted to give them a free pass.

In a shocking turn of events, Illinois politicians voted to repeal the Parental Notice of Abortion Act – now allowing minors to get abortions without their parents even knowing.

And once you hear the way sex traffickers use abortion to keep their victims enslaved – you’re bound to be horrified.

Sexual predators aren’t stupid.

Many actually rely on their “charm” to lure unsuspecting and vulnerable females into getting into a “relationship” with them.

At first, they shower them with attention and expensive gifts otherwise referred to as “love bombing” …

… and then once the girl “trusts” the guy she’s with – they know they’ve gotten her under their control.

These human traffickers use and abuse their victims – and if they get pregnant – they force them to get an abortion – often against their will.

Some states protect the rights of minors from being able to get an abortion without parental consent – but pro-aborts are so obsessed with pushing abortion – they are actually getting behind legislation that completely terminates parental notification.

That’s right.

A legislator would rather a teen girl be allowed to get an abortion…

… EVEN IF it means she’ll continue to be trafficked.

One former sex trafficking survivor recalls her own story, noting that if only her parents knew her trafficker was taking her to get an abortion – it could have saved her life.

Live Action reported:

“In addition, sex trafficking survivor Dr. Brook Bello said a parental notification law could have saved her from her traffickers. “I was raped at 11 years old. I started being trafficked as a young teen,” Bello said in a video in April.

 “Our traffickers made us get abortions. Had my parents been notified, my mother would have known what city I was in. She would have known what street I possibly would have been near. She could have contacted law enforcement.”

Leftist politicians are so obsessed with abortion, they are willing to use their positions to pass laws that truly endanger women and children.

Parents have a right to know if their underage teen is contemplating getting an abortion!

The trend of separating parents from their children and creating a division is not only anti-family, but it could actually end up harming the child – even killing her.

To fellow moms out there – please make sure your child knows they can always come to you for anything, at any time, and no “secret” is too bad to share with you.

Human traffickers rely on secrecy and shame to keep their victims under their control.

But encourage your child to speak out and not keep any secrets from you, it just might save their life one day.

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