“Transgender” Employee Sues Nike For $1 Million For Refusing To Refer To Her As “They”

A former Nike contractor has decided to sue Nike for discrimination – but you won’t believe the ridiculousness of her complaint. 

Claiming multiple departments “harassed her” – she’s actually seeking $1.1 million dollars – claiming Nike deliberately “misgendered her.”

Her biggest beef with Nike is that although she was born a woman, she desired to be referred to as they/them/their.

When Nike refused to refer to her as “they”, the woman threw a fit and began working from home and using sick days.

The woman goes by the name “Jazz” and claims she “identifies” as a “transmasculine/ nonbinary”, even though she was born a woman. 

It wasn’t good enough for her to “identify” as that herself, she insisted everyone else around her jump on the train and call her by a “non-gender” pronoun. 

As it turns out, the woman apparently asked her fellow coworkers to refer to her as “they”, but they did not comply. 

Can you blame them?

Even though some of her fellow employees told this woman they would not refer to her as “they” or “them” due to faith reasons, the woman refused to stop demanding the entire organization cater to her disorder.

So to prove her point, she decided to sue. 

According to the Willamette Week, the woman asked management at Nike to help her but claims they refused – and apparently as a result she became “wounded.”

The hypocrisy of the left is apparent yet again.

Demanding those with faith be forced to violate their religious freedom and refer to a woman as “they” is absurd.

The “transgender” movement expects every person to cater to their disorder, and if not they threaten lawsuits, this case even going so far as to sue for $1.1 million dollars.

Sometimes harassment truly does take place in the workplace or in schools.

Whether it’s due to racial discrimination or genuine sexual harassment.

Frivolous lawsuits like this only clog up the system and prevent people who have genuinely suffered discrimination from being heard. 

This only makes the LGBT movement look more ridiculous.

When the law firm who was defending Nike was asked for a comment, they told it like it was and did not hold back – claiming the woman suing was a “mediocre” contractor with a “limited skill set”, reported LifeSite News. 

If as much energy was spent trying to help those who suffer from gender confusion get mental help instead of catering to these ridiculous lawsuits, maybe the tide would begin to change.

But one thing is clear – with the LGBT agenda continuing to gain speed, lawsuits like these are going to be the new norm.

What are your thoughts about a woman suing Nike for “misgendering” her?

Do you think Nike should have referred to her as “they” “them” or “their”?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! 

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