WARNING TO ALL MOMS: Sexual Predators Exploit Women At This Common Spot

Sexual predators are dangerous, and they are on the hunt seeking opportune times to pounce on women and children.

While women are trained to lock their doors and be alert, there is a dangerous new spot attracting sexual criminals, and most women aren’t aware.

Even worse, this location was once seen as a safe place to occupy, but if the trend keeps up, every woman needs to be on the lookout.

Imagine the scene – you’re in the mood for a new outfit so you head to your favorite store.

Sounds harmless, right?

After all, what could go wrong with trying on a dress in a fitting room surrounded by other women.

Well, if LGBT activists have their way – women will soon lose the chance to dress in privacy – that is because they’ll be surrounded by other men.

Imagine changing into an outfit and knowing a man is lurking in the room next to you.

Or even more horrifying – imagine NOT KNOWING a man is there, until he suddenly slips a cell phone under the stall and records you – or even worst busts in to cause you harm.

“Transgender” and “Gender Neutral” changing rooms are all the rage these days.

LGBT activists insist they are necessary so individuals who are “confused about their gender” don’t feel “discriminated” against.

Biological sex means nothing to the LGBT crew.

In fact, most LGBT activists refuse to even identify people as male or female.

But as it turns out, these new “transgender” dressing rooms are putting a deadly target on the backs of women and children, as sexual predators know they can pounce on women in a vulnerable place.

The Independent reported:

“Just under 90 per cent of complaints regarding changing room sexual assaults, voyeurism and harassment are about incidents in unisex facilities.

What’s more, two thirds of all sexual attacks at leisure centres and public swimming pools take place in unisex changing rooms.

Of 134 complaints over 2017-2018, 120 reported incidents took place in gender-neutral changing rooms and just 14 were in single-sex changing areas.”

These figures are startling, and they are horrific.

Women’s lives are literally in danger.

All because LGBT activists want to enforce their sick agenda.

Sexual predators are taking full advantage of the “unisex” changing rooms, and assaulting women.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, sexual predators are flocking to stores like Target, who have “transgender’ bathrooms and changing rooms.

And while LGBT activists continue to claim “transgender” areas are safe, they are dead wrong.

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Even worse, by choosing to ignore the facts, they are choosing their own personal agenda, at the expense of hurting innocent women.

The Independent continued:

“These figures show that women and girls are more vulnerable in mixed changing rooms and there is a danger these places are becoming a magnet for sexual offenders,” says David Davies, MP for Monmouth.

Women and children should have the peace and comfort to change in a store without fearing a man will sexually assault them.

But sadly, as the statistics show, women are more in danger than ever.

Do you think women and children are in danger with the new “transgender” changing rooms?

What do you think can be done to stop this dangerous new trend?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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