You Won’t Believe Planned Parenthood’s Latest Assault On Children

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The rabid pro-aborts at Planned Parenthood love convincing women and teens to get abortions – they just can’t get enough of it.

Through deception and lies – they continue to lure women through their doors – leaving emotional (and often physical) scars that may never heal.

And once you hear about their latest push to corrupt children with their perverse message – you’re bound to be horrified.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, Planned Parenthood has now entered the LGBT arena – where they can continue to confuse and lie to kids (and make money off it).

Remember – this is the same organization that was willing to back a sexual predator over a 12-year-old girl while turning a blind eye to sexually abused teens who are in danger.

And now, they are in the process of selling “transgender” drugs to everyone – even minors.

A nice little side hustle, huh?

Of course – they don’t actually care about if a teen struggles with gender dysphoria – but they will want to make a profit from it.

What’s even worse – is Planned Parenthood is actually promoting hormone drugs to kids – and they made sickening cartoons for kids to watch who are questioning “changing genders.”

The Daily Mail reported:

“In the video, cartoon figures tell teenagers that puberty looks different for everyone, particularly if they’re trans, intersex or nonbinary, and what they’re experiencing during puberty may be confusing as it may not line up with their gender identity…

Planned Parenthood claims in the video that puberty blockers – which block hormones testosterone and estrogen in the body – are safe and can allow teenagers more time to ‘figure out what’s right’ for them.”

How awful!

Imagine how confused teens feel after seeing this cartoon – especially since they are already experiencing hormonal changes during puberty.

Planned Parenthood may claim they don’t “target children” – but this latest cartoon proves that they do.

Not only are they working overtime this election season to put rabid pro-aborts into office…

… but they are harming children at the same time.

This wicked organization must be stopped.

Any adult who gleefully convinces women to kill their babies, covers up for sexual predators who abuse underage girls, and now seeks to further confuse teens who have a mental health illness and struggle with gender dysphoria should be fined and prosecuted.

We still hope for a day where Planned Parenthoods all across the nation will be forced to shut their doors for good.

In the meantime, it’s crucial that pro-lifers continue to speak the truth about the darkness going on behind closed doors and Planned Parenthood.

This pro-LGBT cartoon is disturbing – but we wanted to show you just how dark and depraved Planned Parenthood really is so you can warn your loved ones to stay away.

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