8 Animals That You Didn’t Know Were Dangerous For Your Kids To Touch

In the yard lives a rich array of critters big and small. It may be the worms in the ground, the birds in the trees, or an even more diverse ecosystem of organisms.

Children love exploring nature’s playground, discovering all sorts of animals and insects that you didn’t even know took shelter on your humble estate.

However, some of these seemingly harmless, and sometimes beautiful creatures, may have hidden dangers that you don’t want to learn about the hard way.

All of the animals discussed in this article are poisonous, but not necessarily venomous.

The difference is simple, but not often clarified. Poison is defined by IpFactly as “any substance that can make a living organism sick or dead.”

Poison is a plant or animal’s defense mechanism against predators, and is administered to the attacker only when the organism is touched or consumed.

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Venom is a poison, but one that is deliberately injected into the attacker; like the stinger of a bee or the fangs of a snake.

Some animals have become popular for being poisonous, and we know to tell our children to steer clear of them; like the rattlesnake or the black widow spider.

The ones that aren’t as popular can be just as deadly.