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Abortion Regrets From Women Who Wish They’d Made A Different Choice

  Although the left peddles abortion as an “empowering” action for women – those who have had abortion soon learn there is nothing good about ripping a baby from the safety of its mother’s womb. In fact, every pro-lifer knows abortion not only harms a baby – but it ultimately […]

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Breastfeeding is Beautiful But We Would Be Lying If We Said There Were Never Challenges

  There is no better nourishment for a newborn baby than the milk from their mother. If you are able to experience the breastfeeding journey, there are a couple things that are helpful to know. One is that you are an amazing, beautiful woman who will learn to do just […]

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Another State Rejects the Left’s Argument That Abortion Is a “Right”

  This past election season has been one for the record books, and though many people were focused on the outcome of the presidential ticket, there were far more issues to consider. For pro-lifers, there is a great deal of legislation being introduced throughout the year for which voters can […]

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Doctors Are Concerned About This New Effect of Shutdowns on Our Nation’s Children

We’ve all been home more this year due to lockdowns and restrictions that have changed or cancelled our family’s plans. While all that quality time has its benefits, we’re also more likely to fall prey to picking up unhealthy habits during times of stress, uncertainty, and boredom. And experts in […]

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The Pandemic May Be Changing the Future of Childcare – What Working Parents Need to Know

One of the greatest hurdles working parents have faced this year is adjusting to having the kids home, rather than in school, all day. Whether parents work outside the home or work from home, the challenges of limited in-person classes and virtual learning means that nearly every parent needs some […]

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‘Calm-Housing’ Is One Mom’s Trick For Grabbing A Peaceful Moment With Kids

Kids are inherently noisy. They like to experiment with volume, pretend they are the loudest animal they can think of, and will do anything to be heard. This is all well and good- unless you have been enduring six straight hours of dinosaurs versus robots. Then a break in the […]

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Parents Aren’t the Only Ones Facing a Difficult Transition When a Grown Child Leaves Home

  Significant changes in a child’s life can have cascading consequences, and always require parents to be attentive and supportive – even while we’re trying to adapt to these changes ourselves. One of the most significant milestones for both parents and children is preparing for them to leave home for […]

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Proper Etiquette Never Goes Out of Style – And It’s Never Too Early to Start With Your Kids

  It’s sad but true – many of today’s youth have stopped practicing much of the social etiquette the rest of us grew up with. And with the ways personal communication has changed in a world dominated by a digital presence, it’s even harder for parents to combat the informality […]

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Ruthless Mom Aborts Baby With Down Syndrome To Live More “Comfortably” – Siblings Beg For A Funeral

  When a woman gets an abortion, she leaves behind a trail of pain to everyone in her path – from family to friends. Sadly, people often neglect to think about the effect an abortion can have on the already born siblings – and the trauma they face knowing mommy […]

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It Begins – College Campus Labels Pro-Life Group As “Hate Group”

  College campuses are known to be breeding grounds for future leftist activists – and the liberal faculty are usually the ones leading the charge. When it comes to getting involved, students have a long list of liberal groups to choose from – such as Pro-LGBT groups and other anti-family […]