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Victory! Virginia’s Governor Fights Back Against Radical Transgender School Policies 

  With LGBT madness infiltrating our schools throughout the nation, things often seem hopeless. Students are being encouraged to “change genders” and hide their new gender from their parents… while others are taken on lewd field trips. And while Virginia was headed down that same path – the latest move […]

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Disney Is Now Introducing A Drag Queen In Upcoming Series

  Superheroes symbolize strength, overcome adversity, and are defenders of all things good and just. In this day and age, Marvel is definitely the leading voice on all things superhero. But their newest addition to the Marvel Universe bears no resemblance to the patriotic Captain America or the vigilante Spiderman […]

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Here’s Why the After-School “Satan Club” Events Are Horrifying Parents

  Parents often look forward to after-school clubs as a chance for their child to explore their favorite hobbies and passions. From chess club, to dance, poetry, and art – most schools provide a wide variety of clubs for kids to choose from. But in one district, a school is […]

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Outrageous! Liberals Claim Conservative Homeschoolers Are Doing This

  In typical liberal fashion, the left is out to attack another “extreme right” group – homeschoolers. Homeschooling has been on the rise in America for many decades, but the last two years have seen a homeschooling boom, and rightfully so. Liberals are not satisfied with parents having the ultimate […]

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Trans Cheerleader Choked Campmate For Calling Him A ‘Male’

    American society has been turned upside down. Liberal propaganda ignites chaos through confusion. The lie that there are more than two genders has spawned a string of detriments such as depression, suicide, family dissension, self-hatred, and worse.  For one young man, it fueled a violent reaction that almost […]

This New NyQuil Trend Is Endangering Teens

This New NyQuil Trend Is Endangering Teens

  A viral TikTok video of a person cooking two chicken breasts in NyQuil – and eating it – quickly became a nationwide challenge – garnering a response from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). While some kids may see this “challenge” as a silly and harmless prank – the […]

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School Backpacks Could Be Harming Your Child

  The back-to-school shopping list seems to be getting longer every year – and this year is no different. After you pack everything, including the gluten-free paint (can’t we just teach our kids not to eat paint?), your child’s backpack is heavier than your Sunday purse. And although your son […]

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Disney’s Sick New Sitcom Features Satan Impregnating A WomanCauses Moms To Organize A Boycott

  Disney is at it again, and this time their latest animated “sitcom” series Little Demon is darker and more perverse than ever. The plot involves a mother who becomes pregnant by “Satan” and gives birth to an “Antichrist” daughter. From violence to even nudity – moms all across the […]

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Don’t Get Behind A Desk Yet! Homeschooling Outside Is Much More Fun

  Batten down the hatches, lock the doors, and shut the blinds because school is starting, and you don’t need the distractions.  While the traditional approach to education is having selected information effectively programmed into our children, there is a better way. Taking education to the great outdoors will help […]

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Top Expert Says Sick Child Often Needs Parent’s Care Over Meds

  It is the most helpless feeling in the world when your sick child looks at you in discomfort, expecting you to take away all their pain, and you can’t. So many parents rush their children to the doctors to do something – anything. But the truth is, you have […]