Disney Is Now Introducing A Drag Queen In Upcoming Series

Photo by Joseph Kent on Flickr.com


Superheroes symbolize strength, overcome adversity, and are defenders of all things good and just.

In this day and age, Marvel is definitely the leading voice on all things superhero.

But their newest addition to the Marvel Universe bears no resemblance to the patriotic Captain America or the vigilante Spiderman – and we couldn’t be more disappointed.

Walt Disney, who owns Marvel, has already publicly proclaimed their admiration and support for all things LGBT.

A 60-second ad televised on their channel features a political candidate from Texas who has a transgender child.

During the ad, they focus on the transgender child – promoting how the candidate’s daughter identifies as a boy and is just like any other child.

And just to make sure everyone knows how committed they are to transgender children, Disney employees receive compensation for the costs of transitioning their confused children.

Every facet of their entertainment empire is becoming tainted with leftist ideals and flexible morals.

This is terrifying considering Walt Disney is a household staple in homes around the world.

As if things couldn’t go further left without falling into the abyss, upcoming Marvel series Ironheart will star a “drag industry superstar”, as Elizabeth Johnston puts it.

Celebrity drag queen and RuPaul Drag Race alumni, Jaren Klein Merrell – who’s known as Shea Coulee to his over 3 million social media followers – will be playing a lead character in the Marvel series.

Although the specific role Merrell will play is unclear, his intentions are: he wants to influence families everywhere.

Merrell goes by the pronouns “they/them” offstage and “she/her” when onstage as Coulee and says he will leave a “very specific Shea Coulee print on the Marvel Universe,” as reported by The Epoch Times.

And it may come as no surprise that Ironheart will also feature “non-binary” actor Zoe Terakes, reports Deadline.

It was only a matter of time before Walt Disney hopped aboard the liberal bandwagon of infiltrating children’s media.

Blue’s Clues, an innocent show about a cartoon dog leaving clues to tell his owner a message, had an episode where a drag queen sang to preschoolers.

Taco Bell even has a drag queen tour that will serenade customers while they enjoy a chemical-filled burrito.

Is there nothing sacred anymore?!

And, of course, this comes after local libraries around the United States had drag queens (including those with criminal records) reading to children.

It’s alarming how flamboyant Disney is with their LGBT agenda, featuring an alternative role in almost every new show and movie being released.

It’s no longer “safe” to let children innocently browse through the Disney streaming platform as it’s almost inevitable they will stumble upon inappropriate content.

Families have to be vigilant and fight against the liberal agenda seeping into our children’s programming.

And be ready – the LGBT agenda is only going to get more aggressive.