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What The Experts Are Saying About Pregnancy and COVID-19

  Fear has stricken the least suspecting citizen as reports of the coronavirus penetrate the media. Doctors have warned the elderly and immunocompromised individuals to stay clear of public areas and to take extreme caution. But there hasn’t been a lot of advice for the pregnant community concerning the virus- […]
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Celebrating Mother’s Day During A Pandemic Is Possible

  With Mother’s Day around the corner you may be stressing on how to show her you care while still maintains social distancing guidelines. While you may not be able to scoop mom up for a night out at her favorite restaurant and a play, you can get creative with […]
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5 Effective Ways To Motivate Your Child To Do Their School Work

  We thought doing homework was difficult before, but during the coronavirus things have become exponentially more difficult. With limited outlets for our children and a whole new school routine that involves mom telling them one more thing to do, getting our children to care about completing a math assignment […]
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Moms Often Carry the Load – But Global Crisis is Breeding More “Mom Guilt” Than Ever

  While it is always difficult to be a working parent, there’s a whole new layer of responsibility on our shoulders while our nation adjusts and copes with the fallout of a global pandemic. Many households are now experiencing an adjustment of epic proportions – working at home, teaching their […]
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Here’s How You Can Help Pregnant Moms During COVID-19

  Being pregnant and knowing you are about to bring another life into the world is one of the most joyous events a woman can experience. But during COVID-19, many pregnant women are overcome with fear and sadness – as they worry about the safety of delivering their babies during […]
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Abortions During COVID-19 Just Became Even More Dangerous For Moms

  It’s a well-known fact, abortion facilities are a dangerous place for both mothers and their babies. Horror stories of botched abortions where the inside of a woman is forever damaged, to babies born alive and left to die should be enough to stop a woman from ever stepping foot […]
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These Silent Victims of the Global Pandemic Are Facing Tragedy In An Unexpected Way

  The global coronavirus pandemic has created many difficult situations for families. We are distanced from friends and loved ones, especially when they reside in nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities or are hospitalized in order to keep one another healthy. But there is another tragic consequence of this social distancing […]
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How to Prepare Your Family’s Financial Future When You Depart

  Proverbs 10:4 says, “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth”.  Many families are dual income; one person is usually the primary financial bookkeeper. If you or someone who has a significant impact on the family dies, can the family pick up the fiscal pieces to ensure […]
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Social Isolation Provides a Breeding Ground for Progressive Propaganda Online – What Parents Need to Know

  Our nation remains gripped by a health crisis of historic proportions, one not seen in more than a century. And while we’re all distracted, our “backs turned” and focused on immediate issues of safety and finances, the Left is working hard to slip their agenda under the radar. As […]
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New York Times Wants To Use Pandemic To Kill More Unborn Children

  It is not beneath a Democrat to try and take advantage of an awful situation to further their agenda. The Coronavirus pandemic has been a troubling time for American citizens, and with so many people dying you think liberals would support life-saving measures. Well, think again. Economic distress, health […]