Explosive Scandal: Doctors Persuade Mom To Abort Baby And Cover Up Hospital Error

When doctors made a medication error, they scrambled to clean up their mess and hide their mistake.

And to cover their tracks, they even went so far as to pressure a mom to abort her baby to hopefully make the whole situation “go away.”

But now the explosive scandal has been brought to light, and you won’t believe how deep and far back the dark deception trail spirals as desperate doctors carried out their devious plan to persuade a mother to murder her unborn baby.

It all started when a mom pregnant with a healthy baby went to her routine appointment.

While seeing the doctor, an apparent “miscommunication” occurred and they gave her a drug which apparently causes severe birth defects.

Instead of owning up to their mistake and admitting their grievous error, they were convinced the only way to make the situation “go away”, was to murder the unborn baby.

The mother naturally wanting to protect her baby refused.

But that wasn’t the end of it.

According to LifeSite News, the hospital continued to harass her, calling family members and even offering $2,000 for the mother to abort her baby at Planned Parenthood.

Sadly, the woman ended up giving in and going forward with the abortion.

To shift the blame off of the hospital staff and onto a mother is cruel.

Imagine the fear and confusion this mother must have felt when she was told her baby would be born with all sorts of deformities, and that abortion was her best option.

But as it turns out, the hospital was financially motivated to take this course of action, realizing they would be the ones to pay the child’s medical bills, for life.

And in order to save a dollar, an innocent baby had to pay the price.

LifeSite News continues:

“This case has one of the ugliest fact patterns I have ever seen. A perfectly healthy fetus was given a deadly injection based on reckless communication,” family attorney Thomas R. Mulroy III said. “The hospital administration knew full well they would have been legally responsible for the considerable healthcare costs associated with the baby’s birth injury. The hospital purely had their own interests in mind and failed to take Reneizha’s wishes into consideration.”

It takes a sick human being to continuously pressure a woman to take the life of her child.

Doctors take an oath to “do no harm” but the latest trend of pro-abort doctors seems to be on the rise.

Mommy Underground recently reported a case about a doctor who actually scheduled an abortion without the consent of the woman.

Or the time a scared young woman who went to get an abortion and when she changed her mind, the doctor and staff physically held her down and forced her to have the abortion.

And then there are doctors who try to convince women who are pregnant with a baby with special needs to abort their own baby.

Not to mention the doctors who were quick to want to end the lives of sweet little Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans.

The culture of death in the medical field has got to stop!

This poor woman was literally harassed and hounded until she was so terrified of her path ahead, she ended up aborting her baby.

And now she has the regret and trauma of giving in to the doctors, while mourning the loss of her unborn baby.

Do you think the doctors who convinced the woman to murder her unborn baby should be held accountable?

What part of the story is most shocking to you?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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