LGBT Activists Team Up With Facebook To Silence Conservatives

The LGBT agenda is infiltrating its way into the American culture at a rapid rate, and the consequences are irreversible.

While the LGBT crew claims all they want is “acceptance” and “tolerance”, nothing could be further from the truth.

And with social media platforms giving cover to their agenda, those who dare to speak out against the lies of the LGBT community are being punished for speaking the truth.

The LGBT community is known to try and silence those who disagree.

Remember the Christian baker who almost lost everything he had?

Or the Christian teacher who was punished for refusing to cave to the LGBT curriculum?

Well now, fellow Mommy Activist blogger Elizabeth Johnston got a taste of the LGBT crew’s hatred when she dared to post that being “transgender” is a mental illness.

The truth is, she is spot on.

Those who are born one gender but “identify” as another, are truly mentally ill.

It’s not normal to “suddenly decide” to be a different gender.

But when this mommy simply exercised her First Amendment right to speak truth, Facebook responded by stating her post was “hate speech”, and actually suspended her account for several days.

LifeSite News reported:

“This is what bullying looks like in 2018!” Johnston wrote in her post accompanying the link. “‘Normalize our mental illness or we will sue you!’ Small minds must use these tactics. Pathetic!” She concluded the post with the hashtag #GenderInsanity.

She then received a message from Facebook saying she couldn’t post, comment, or use the Messenger app for seven days. “This is because 2 of your posts go against our Community Standards on hate speech,” it read, “and because you previously posted something that didn’t follow our standards.”

“That’s right folks. If you don’t bow to the trans agenda, you’ll be muzzled and lose your platform. Free speech is dead in America,”

This is a dangerous precedent.

If conservatives who speak truth continue to get censored, this will only fuel the LGBT community to further attack those who dare speak out against their perverse agenda.

All a “transgender” activist has to do these days is call “discrimination” or claim words are “hateful”, and suddenly people jump to their defense.

LGBT activists know this, and use it to their advantage all the time.

And the worst part is, these activists will not stop until their agenda dominates society, and they are willing to go to any length to make that happen.

The worst part is, with leftist giants like Facebook deeming conservative viewpoints as “hate speech”, it looks like the battle ahead will be long and hard.

If Facebook keeps up with their censoring trend, Mommy Underground could be next.

But make no mistake, Mommy Underground will continue to report on the devasting effects the LGBT agenda  has on children and families.

Children are in danger.

This “transgender” phenomenon is nothing to take lightly, and we will continue to report on the truth of what is really happening.

Do you think “transgenderism” is a mental illness?

What are your thoughts on Facebook deciding to suspend a conservative mom for speaking truth about the LGBT agenda?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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