Moms – Just Say No To The New “Virtual Babysitting” Trend

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash


America is in chaos as moms struggle to adjust to the “new norm” and figure out how they are supposed to work – and educate their children (if the schools are closed).

Many moms are still working from home – and trying to balance the art of “doing it all” on a whole new level – and it’s exhausting.

And as many out of work artists and workers struggle to make ends meet –  they’ve offered a new “virtual babysitting” service aimed at moms to help alleviate their stress.

Babysitters promise to watch children through a screen – and do all kinds of activities to keep them entertained like sing songs, play games, and tell stories.

At first – it might be tempting to think this could be a good idea – and the sheer thought of having someone watch your child so you can take a work call or get things done sounds delightful.

But think about it…

What is to stop your child from simply “wandering away” from the screen?

Do you really expect kids to sit in front of a screen with a stranger reading them a story and hope they’ll sit still for a predetermined amount of time?

And what if something happens – like a child choking on a snack.

Is the babysitter going to perform “virtual CPR”?

Or pour a glass of water for your toddler? Or help them with an art project?

And just who is this stranger reading to your child?

It’s truly just a bit creepy – not to mention impersonal.

Not to mention, do you actually know what your babysitter is reading or teaching your child?

With the ever-growing number of LGBT books geared towards children, this could be yet another attempt by some leftist activists to gain access to your child.

One would hope these babysitters coordinate with moms – but chances are they don’t.

Our children are ultimately the ones suffering most from this quarantine mess – losing the human connection of playing with other kids or eating with their friends in the cafeteria.

For the schools that are open – a child can’t even walk down the halls without seeing arrows reminding them to “socially distance” not to mention even potentially being forced to wear a mask.

And for moms, many are feeling like no choice is a good choice – they don’t want to send their children to a CDC-run prison – but perhaps both parents work and homeschooling isn’t an option at the moment.

But trends like “virtual babysitting” do nothing to solve the problem.

Instead, talk with neighbors and other moms in the community – you might learn there is already a homeschooling group taking place, and your child can join in.

And talk to your employer – while it used to be common to work the whole “9-5” routine in an office – given the reality of our world today businesses should be flexible and give moms options to work out a flex schedule.

Even letting moms work 2 days from home can be a big relief.

Let’s hope the new virtual babysitting trend crashes before it takes off.

Truthfully, it’s just a disaster waiting to happen and a “virtual babysitter” can never replace the experience of human interaction.

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