Every Mom Is Feeling It – Why No Choice Seems To Be The Right Choice

Photo by Jacob Townsend on Unsplash


As the world continues to spin into a crazy frenzy of panic and chaos, being a mom right now is tougher than ever.

While every mom is used to making sound decisions in the best interest of their children, many moms are feeling “decision fatigue” as if every choice they try and make never seems to be the right one.

As the pressure mounds from politicians, family members, the media, and the latest “expert” – discouraged moms are feeling powerless.

Of course, every mom wants to keep her child safe, but not every mom agrees on the best way to do so.

Some moms refuse to cower in fear and hide inside, and long to have their children interact with others and have a social connection.

But then those same moms are being criticized for being “reckless” – and one mom was even arrested for allowing her child to play on a playground.

Other moms tired of being stuck indoors want to take their family on a summer vacation to restore some sort of joy into their child’s life.

But with so many states issuing mandatory 14-day quarantines upon arrival, moms know selecting that option will only lead to further chaos and trauma for their child.

So what’s a mom to do?

The children want to see their grandparents, but grandma and grandpa are deemed vulnerable and experts advise them to stay separated.

Family connections once marked by hugs and kisses are now given through glass doors separating loved ones.

Schools are mandating children wear masks and forgo recess… and so many moms are choosing to homeschool their children, even though leftist educators tell them they are inadequate to do so.

But some moms have to work and don’t have the option, so what are they to do?

They don’t want to send their child to a CDC-run prison, but they also need to work to help provide an income for their family.

This pandemic has put many moms into a constant state of instability, where no choice seems like the right choice.

But there is something each one of us can to do help each other out – stop judging other moms!

The constant criticism on how a woman decides to raise her family must stop.

Moms can’t even go to the doctor’s office without being judged on how they “discipline” their children.

If a child is upset and throwing a tantrum in the store, onlookers assume the mom is a “bad parent” – forgetting the fact the child may have special needs and have sensory issues.

Instead of lending a helping hand, they throw a snarky comment.

We can all do better.

If a mom chooses to breastfeed her child in public, or even post about it on Facebook – resist the urge to post a snarky comment.

Should she work from home and choose to still care for her children – give her support.

Moms feel enough pressure struggling internally while wondering if they are doing it right – and this pandemic has made it even more complex.

Let’s cheer on the moms in our lives and support them in their decisions – even if we disagree.

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