Parents Now Advised To Take Their Children To “Pro-LGBT” Doctors

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In a desperate attempt to further indoctrinate children – the latest parental advice tells parents to find a “LGBT friendly” doctor for their child.

LGBT activists hope that by finding a doctor who supports policies like transgenderism in children, it will make it that much easier for their agenda to be carried out.

Shockingly, mainstream parenting articles are jumping on board – hoping to encourage parents about the “benefits” of seeking a pro-LGBT doctor – and you won’t believe what they’re saying now.

Of course, every parent should be involved in their child’s life – including help to discern the best doctor for them.

After all, kids are kids… they don’t know how to advocate for themselves at the doctor’s office.

Which is why parents almost always accompany their minor child to doctor’s appointments and ask questions on their behalf.

But now, parents are being told to “interview” their child’s doctor to make sure they are “LGBT friendly.”

And if the doctor doesn’t answer a set of core questions regarding LGBT values, parents are advised to find a new doctor.

Even more horrific, one pop parenting article tells parents they actually don’t have a right to know what’s going on in their child’s lives – and tells parents essentially to stay out of their own child’s medical needs!

Psychology Today reported:

“Once you have located a doctor, have your LGBT child talk to him and see if he is comfortable with the doctor and would feel at ease confiding in him.

It is important to remember that this doctor is his and that you are not entitled to know about the conversations between the two of them as well as the tests the doctor conducts. However, as a concerned parent, you should know if he thinks the doctor is a good fit for him.”

Yeah, that’s just what a child needs…

… going to some crazy doctor who will push the LGBT propaganda down the child’s throat – causing confused children to be even more confused.

The left is utterly obsessed with trying to divide the parent/child relationship.

They know the parent is the last adult standing in the way and prohibiting some crazy leftist from gaining access and brainwashing their precious child.

Of course, a parent should know if their child’s doctor is affirming some warped “LGBT belief system” and pushing hormonal therapy!

In fact, doctors who allows hormonal treatment on a child should lose their medical license.

Instead, these doctors are being portrayed as “brave heroes.”

There are countless cases popping up all over the world where parents are being threatened to back down and let their minor child make their own decisions.

Even doctors who dare speak out against the LGBT agenda are being punished.

Hopefully, parents have enough sense to avoid following the advice of the latest psychology magazine!

If anything – parents should be seeking doctors who oppose pushing the LGBT agenda onto children.

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