Pro-Life Mom Just Lost Her Daughter With Special Needs – Reiterates She’ll Always Choose Life

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Mendoza-Martinez was 21-weeks pregnant when her doctor advised her to abort her baby, simply because the baby would be born with special needs.

But as Mendoza walked up to the abortion clinic, she met a pro-life advocate who prayed with her, and reassured her she had other options.

Mendoza ended up giving birth to a little girl named Nelly who recently passed away at the age of 9 – and when asked if she would have gotten an abortion, knowing her daughter wouldn’t end up making it – her answer is sure to bring you to tears.

To start, one can’t even imagine the pain of losing a child.

It’s unnatural, and not supposed to be this way – as traditionally the parent passes on before their child.

But in this broken world of sickness, tragically some children end up not making it, despite medical technologies and advances.

Pro-aborts often use this argument to advocate for abortion – claiming a parent simply should not have to handle the grief of losing a child.

They argue it’s better for the child to not even be born, than to live a short life.

But is it?

According to Mendoza-Martinez, no – abortion is never worth it – and she cherishes every moment of her daughter’s life – even though she only lived for 9-years.

In a touching statement honoring the life of her daughter, Mendoza’s remarks shut down the “abortion” argument once and for all.

Live Action reported:

“No, I would not have chosen abortion because I have learned so much from Nelly,” Mendoza-Martinez said through a translator.

“Nelly put up with a lot of pain and everything through the surgeries, but she was given a special gift to withstand all of that pain she had when she was in the hospital. She was seen by so many people as a child that overcame all these big mountains in her life.”

It’s clear Nelly’s life impacted many people, and she was here for a reason.

Many moms who are put in the same situation as Mendoza choose life – even knowing their baby may only live for a few hours.

And while pro-aborts claim women “want abortion” – many choose it simply because a doctor told them to – or they are scared and don’t know what else to do.

But for Mendoza, all it took was a kind pro-life advocate walking up to her – and genuinely caring about her life, and the life of the baby inside of her to cause her to choose life.

She was able to connect Mendoza to resources to help her both during and after her pregnancy.

Abortion advocates may try to use the tragedy of the loss of a child to advocate for abortion – but Mendoza’s story shines like a light in the darkness, pointing to the beauty and sacredness of life.

Nelly’s life mattered.

As do all the lives of unborn babies all across the world.

Let’s hope mother’s will continue to choose life, even in the toughest of circumstances.

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