Radical Pro-Abortion Legislation Passes The House – Allowing Abortions Up Until Birth

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If Nancy Pelosi gets her way – a woman can get an abortion at any time – for any reason – up until birth.

And to prove just how serious she is about abortion on demand – she rallied her liberal pals in Congress to pass the most horrific abortion bill to date.

Even more insulting, the wicked legislation is actually named the “Women’s Health Protection Act” (WHPA) – and just wait until you hear the details of what this bill allows.

Live Action reported:

“The WHPA goes much further than Roe, and would make the so-called right to abortion a law rather than a Supreme Court ruling.

It would virtually ban states from even restricting abortion after “viability,” the point at which a preborn child is capable of surviving outside of the womb if born prematurely.

It would wipe out the Texas Heartbeat Act as well as other pro-life laws throughout the country, which are heavily supported by the majority of Americans.”

Liberals in Congress just can’t stand the Texas Heartbeat Act – so they’re doing everything they can to eliminate it.

Of course, we already know New York is obsessed with women being able to abort their babies, even until birth.

When they passed their wicked pro-abort legislation – they even lit up One World Trade Center to celebrate the fact that more babies will die.

In response to Texas’s life-saving Heartbeat Act, New York’s own Governor actually invited women to come on over to New York if they need to kill their babies – branding New York a “safe haven” for abortions.

And in California, young teens are allowed to get abortions without their parents even knowing.

Similar to New York, California’s Governor continues to sign pro-abort bills into law at record speed.

Even worse… these pro-abort politicians are actually PROUD every time a new abortion bill comes up for a vote.

Speaker Pelosi is doing everything in her power to make sure a woman can get an abortion anytime she wants… calling it “freedom” to “decide” the size of one’s family.

CNBC reported:

This is about freedom. About freedom of women to have choice about the size and timing of their families, not the business of people on the [Supreme] Court or members of Congress,” the House speaker said.”


So, if it’s an “inconvenient time to get pregnant… a woman should be able to kill her baby?

Or if she already has three kids and just decides she “doesn’t want a fourth” …

… she should be allowed (and encouraged) to get an abortion?

Absolutely ridiculous.

Elections have consequences, which is why Mommy Underground sounded the alarm on what would happen should Biden and his crew gain power.

And here we are.

More babies’ lives are in danger because politicians want to make it easy for them to die.

You know our society has reached a new level of darkness when it’s almost a competition to see which abortion bill goes the furthest to remove any protection of life.

Sadly, with Biden in the White House encouraging this agenda, things are only bound to get worse.

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