Ridiculous – Public School Hosts Virtual ‘Police Brutality’ Meeting And Segregates Parents By Race  

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As public schools around the country push their anti-police agenda, one didn’t think things could get any worse.

Except one school in Wisconsin decided to host a virtual meeting on police brutality…

… AND decided to separate parents who attended by the color of their skin.

Yes really, you just can’t make this stuff up.

The school district decided it was important to discuss police brutality not only with students, but with their parents too.

So they sent out a Google document to parents and listed topics to be discussed which included everything from the death of George Floyd to the killing of another black female.

But then the document went so far as to actually tell white parents they had to click a separate link to be able to attend the meeting.

Faithwire reported:

“The meeting in question, listed on the school calendar for Thursday, was titled “UPDATED ZOOM LINK: Affinity Space for Parents of Students of Color.” In parentheses, it stated the meeting was geared “to parents of students of color only.”

Of course, actions like these only feed into a manufactured race war.

Leftists insist all police are “racist” – yet they have the audacity to host a meeting and literally send out separate links to white parents and parents who are labeled as “persons of color.”

And this type of behavior is happening everywhere.

Some communities in America have even started a defund the police campaign… only failing to realize it’s not feasible due to high crime in their neighborhoods.

And now schools have suddenly jumped on the anti-police bandwagon labeling all police officers as “racist bad guys.”

They’ve even started pushing an anti-police curriculum to children as young as 5 years-old, as if instilling fear in an innocent child is beneficial.

Instead of being taught to turn to a police officer when they are in trouble, now little kids are being taught to fear and even hate the police.

It’s fine to give students a safe place to process world events and discuss what’s happening around the country.

And while the loss of a human life is always tragic, schools are choosing to cause further division by feeding into mass hysteria.

If we’re all created equal, why host a meeting and choose to separate white parents from “parents of color”?

Is there some hidden message that can’t be shared with everyone?

What kind of example does this send to the students?

Will educators pass on the same type of restrictions when discussing sensitive issues in classrooms and segregate children by color?

None of this is productive, and all it does is cause further division in communities.

Racism is always wrong, but the latest actions by this Wisconsin school shows just how out of touch they are.

Hopefully children can learn to accept people as they are and see the ridiculousness in their school segregating their parents based on the color of their skin.

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