“Sex-Ed” Camp For All Ages Teaches Self-Abortion Tactics and LGBT Techniques

Photo by The People Speak! on Flickr.com


LGBT activists are determined to push their agenda onto children – and you won’t believe what they’ve done this time.

During the pandemic, they started an online virtual “sex-ed” camp called “sexy summer camp” aimed at children of “all ages” – and the content was horrific.

From teaching children how to “explore their gender” and be “sexually free” to even teaching them how to perform their own abortions – this camp aimed to be an annual event – and you won’t believe what else they are planning.

The camp hosted by Sexy Sex Ed claims to be “a workshop series that compels teenagers and people of all ages to openly discuss personal and political consent, sexual safety, and anatomy, using visual & performance art, in rural Appalachia & beyond.”

It was political alright…

… as the workshop teachers boasted in their LGBT credentials – determined to push their views onto impressionable kids. 

And looking at the agenda for last year – the topics were absolutely horrifying.

Topics ranged from things like “sexy trans sex-ed” to “sex on drugs” …

… as if encouraging teens be high and sexually promiscuous is something to promote.


Instead of teaching kids the dangers of being under the influence and sexual assault – this workshop made it sound like being sexually active while on an illegal substance and giving “consent” is something completely normal. 

But it gets worse.

What should happen if a teen gets pregnant?

Of course, the leftist “educators” were more than happy to encourage abortion – even encouraging and teaching them how to do it themselves. 

Live Action reported:

“When it comes to abortion, the camp organizers said they would refer to the pro-abortion World Health Organization’s (WHO) self-managed abortion information guide when giving participants information on self-managed abortions and reducing self-managed abortion stigma. 

“Self-managed abortions” is terminology that abortion advocates use to describe using the abortion pill for a DIY abortion at home.”

After all, WHO is the same organization who claims abortion is the new “self-care” – as if convincing a scared pregnant woman to kill her own baby will somehow make her feel better.

Even though study after study shows women who get abortions feel lasting effects of psychological trauma.  

Organizers plan to make this an annual event so they can continue to spread their propaganda.

Those teaching the camp should truly be arrested for endangering the life a child – and forever be banned from being around children.

Instead of encouraging kids to go to their parents with questions – workshops like these are clothed in secrecy – and only create division in homes.

Let’s hope this camp never sees the light of day again – whether online or in person.

In addition, let’s pray those kids who were brainwashed with leftist sexually-explicit material turn to their parents and trusted adults to help undo the damage. 

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